Transformers Animated invade the kids room

Since Litsa and the boys took off the other week to go galavanting along the left coast leaving me here to enjoy the bliss of working, I decided on a whim to paint a mural in their bedroom of the Transformers Animated poster. When it's completed, it will be almost 3 feet in diameter. It … Read more


Santa was extraordinarily good to the DeCoster family this year, and we woke to find a Nintendo Wii snuggled with care under the tree. I have read the reviews, watched people play, heard the media drone on about how they are being used, watched the prices on eBay go ridiculously high then back to normal, … Read more

Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Eve, and I just watched ol’ St. Nick fly right to our neighbors house on NORAD, I was pretending to be asleep on the couch when he stopped here. Much to my surprise he had to make two trips down our chimney this year! Holy exploding Santa Bags Rudolph! It’s going to be … Read more