Large Format photography to the Nth degree

Having recently read an article in Novembers Popular Science (I know I’m a bit behind in my magazines – so what) I was pretty much left in complete awe of Graham Flints 9 x 18 inch camera. So basically, he’s using a custom machined lens(dubbed the Asymmagon) built on a customized camera which utilizes parts … Read more

Little Rock City :: redux ::

So I decided today to revisit Little Rock City, and take some more film with me and go to town. Well, as you may (or may not) remember from the original post, I was pretty taken with the place. Well I still am. When Litsa and i first went there, we didn’t even scratch the … Read more

Little Rock City

Not a very original name, I know, but this place is pretty cool. It almost reminds me of home in lots of ways. Okay, I guess I should be careful how I use the word home now right? Errr…. I mean it reminds me of Or-Y-Gun.   Anyway, this place is very interesting. It’s basically … Read more

The eternal question answered…

Hehehehe. Like a kid in a candy store am I. I have been struggling with the question of how I to be able to do more Photography with a growing family and shrinking spare time. After much sea-sawing, flip-flopping, hemming and hawing – I have deliberated to a solution! I bought a scanner today, well … Read more

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