Large Format Copal Sizes

Every time I go to sell a lens board, it’s like every time I go to Home Depot to buy wood: it’s never labeled. So I wind up Googling the world to figure out what size the damned hole is. Now, once and for the problem is solved. For anyone who has the same problem … Read more

The good ol’ days…

t’s funny what goes through your mind at times isn’t it? How time always makes some things seem like they were just the bee’s knees. Take, for instance, February in Oregon. More specifically, a cold, rainy, dark, sunless day wading through thigh deep water (that is swiftly moving by the way) with run-off smacking you in the grape, all the while trying to find a picture in the madness of being trapped in a 30ft wide, 250ft tall box canyon. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?

New photo gallery

I added a n new Dynamic Photo Gallery to help me keep up to date with all the photos of the kids, so check it out. Flogging English Photo Gallery You can do a ton of stuff here, and you must have my permission to log in/register. It’s pretty sweet. You can comment, rate it, … Read more

Amazing Aurora imaging

This is pretty damned amazing! This image (captured by the IMAGE satellite) is an enhanced image of the Aurora over the southern pole. It’s enhanced, because you really wouldn’t have been able to see much of anything due to the fact that it was in the ultraviolet spectrum. There is a video as well, and … Read more

Planetary Photojournal

I just ran across this website (Planetary Photojournal) just a little bit ago, and Holy Cow, are there some wonderful image son there. That is where I retreived this beauty of Saturn. With thousands of images on all of the planets, and information on the equipment used to make the images – there is a … Read more