I guess 70% isn’t good enough…

Back like a bad hangover after an all night binger at the Option House, comes the RIAA after more money for the Recording Industry pukes. This time they have their sites set on the remaining 20% they don’t get. Eh? I know, it all becomes clear. Read John Dvoraks PC Mag article. According to the … Read more

Around her head she wore a yellow ribbon.

You know. I was reading an article in Time a couple of days ago entitled The Danger of Yellow Ribbon Patriotism by Joe Klein, and it really got me to thinking about the (so called) war and the effects the millions of decals, magnets, ribbons and signage displayed all over the freaking place. It appears … Read more

Comment Spammers suck.

I guess this is sorta the price of Internet fame. The curse of getting more traffic to your site is the comment spammer idiots who have nothing better to do than attempt to inflate traffic to their complete shite websites. This really pisses me off actually. I don’t, nor do any of my readers give … Read more

Why is it that…

This has been gnawing at me for some time, this isn’t really triggered by any specific event; yet by several over the course of my adult life and it is beginning to drive me nuttso! I have kids. 2 actually, and how is it that they have a more innate ability to say whatever is … Read more

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