The effects of blogs to online reputations

I came across a post the other day about a photographer who was forcibly ejected from SF MOMA and initially I skimmed it, and then sort of just waived it off. I caught the gist of what he was saying, and as a photographer and artist myself I could empathize with his frustration with the … Read more

the cult of the amateur: how cynicism can overshadow a good book

I’ve been reading Andrew Keen’s first book, The Cult of the Amateur: How Today’s Internet is Killing Our Culture, and I have to say it is one of the most negative books I have read to date. The book in its entirety is awash with cynicism and negativity with Web 2.0 squarely in its sights. … Read more

Windows Vista – Still on the horizon

I’ve been working with Vista almost every day now for nearly 6 months and my impressions of the newest OS from Microsoft haven’t deviated much from my initial impressions. I continue to be plagued by problems and anomalies which seem to have no concrete origin. Where it works I particularly enjoy how it handles the … Read more

Primanti Brothers – definately not worth the drive

After almost two years of people telling us we need to go to Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh because they have the best sandwiches in Pittsburgh, we finally went there for dinner yesterday. The experience was an astounding let down. It’s like when movie studios over-hype a movie to the point to where when you finally … Read more

Reasonable expectation of truth

A lot of ideas have been mincing around my noggin lately, and I keep coming back to the immense volume of opinions, half-truths and in some cases blatant fabrications that are floated around the Web, getting either assimilated into the collective stack as truth or is deliberately passed off as truth and equally absorbed by … Read more

Usability in everyday devices

Usability: the property of a website, software application, or web application that relates to ease of use. Usability is commonly defined as having three core components: effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction. With the inception of the World Wide Web by Time Berners-Lee a whole new process of thinking, design, organizing and displaying information came into being. … Read more