A good MoBo is a wonderful thing

Bad feelings gone After much grumping and generally pissed off stompings, I received my new MoBo yesterday, and got it installed into my sweet Asus Vento tower. This new board, the ASUS A8N32-Deluxe is an outstanding (and heavy) Motherboard. It took me less than an hour to get it hooked up, screwed down and Windows … Read more

Technological disappointment

You know, building a new computer  isn’t always what it is cracked up to be. Sure, you can save a few hundred to a thousand dollars doing it yourself – but what happens when the silicon poo-poo plater you just assembled craps it BIOS all over your keyboard? You get left holding the plastic bag, … Read more

Spiderman on the brain

Spiderman 3 is still just a bit more than 3 months away, and in true consumer-frenzy inducing fashion, Sony Pictures has completed a major upgrade to their website. If you haven’t been there as of late go – it’s super cool. It’s really a great site in fact, and it has large amounts of new … Read more

The Silver Surfer is back……..

I know I am way behind the power curve on this one, but OMFG! This movie looks like it’s going to be cool as hell! The Silver Surfer? You have got to shitting me! I never would have thought they would even try it, I mean come on! He’s a metallic silver man – hello … Read more

The joys of Linux

Off and on now for about a year I have been geeking out with Ubuntu as a dual boot on my machine. It’s been an interesting diversion, and now I am finally making some progress into figuring out how to get things loaded into my system. The thing that has continued to irritate and frustrate … Read more

Desktop Earth wallpaper generator

This is pretty damned amazing! Go to codefromthe70s.org and check Desktop Earth. Do it! NOW! It’s pretty cool. Unbelievable actually. The quality and sharpness of the image it generates is outstanding, and the fact that you can select which region to center on, and select the day and time to generate the desktop image… well … Read more

Amazing Aurora imaging

This is pretty damned amazing! This image (captured by the IMAGE satellite) is an enhanced image of the Aurora over the southern pole. It’s enhanced, because you really wouldn’t have been able to see much of anything due to the fact that it was in the ultraviolet spectrum. There is a video as well, and … Read more

Oooh! I know! Let’s use a Space Suit as a satellite!

Okay. So now I have heard/seen it all. Someone, is actually going to make a low-cost Satellite using an old space suit.  Absolutely hilarious. Pretty cool too! I guess it’s just simply someones interesting idea, to see if it’s even possible; turned into reality. Man, those crazy rocket scientists! They do the damnedest things with … Read more

Thank you to everyone for NOT getting me the Lego Mindstorms kit!

So I know, you think I would be kidding about this, but alas – I am not. I’m dead serious! The new Mindstorms NXT was officially announced recently, and it is amazing! And I want one! They won’t be available for a while yet; with a release date of sometime in August – this should … Read more

Planetary Photojournal

I just ran across this website (Planetary Photojournal) just a little bit ago, and Holy Cow, are there some wonderful image son there. That is where I retreived this beauty of Saturn. With thousands of images on all of the planets, and information on the equipment used to make the images – there is a … Read more

Large Format photography to the Nth degree

Having recently read an article in Novembers Popular Science (I know I’m a bit behind in my magazines – so what) I was pretty much left in complete awe of Graham Flints 9 x 18 inch camera. So basically, he’s using a custom machined lens(dubbed the Asymmagon) built on a customized camera which utilizes parts … Read more

All I want for Christmas is 1 extra second…

This is filed under science, but really it could be under "who gives a flying…". So according to the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS), there is a new standard unto which time is measured, and right now, we have gained literally seconds of time. Leap Seconds, as they are coined, can be … Read more

Are we living in a 2-D world?

According to some researchers, it is theoretically possible that we are living in a 2D reality, having out interpretations made into 3 dimensions by our brains. This is some pretty heavy, and intense information to digest – so if you want to do some more reading on it – So I wouldn’t suggest it while … Read more

D..D..Dude…Check it out!

I know you see the picture and say, WTF? A red keyboard… so what?! Nay. Not so what. I painted this glorious piece of technology myself just the other day using the new Krylon Fusion Paint. It’s really easy to use and it does indeed live up to its reputation/propaganda. All I had to do … Read more

So! I’m a geek! Deal! (***Redux)

I made my very own custom Matrix wallpaper too. A little late I know, but I am adding a wallpaper section to my Blog, so I figured I would pop it here first, then add the section!

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