Halo 2 – Gimme an X-Box…NOW!!!

[img]http://www.floggingenglish.com/media/images/halo2.jpg[/img] So. I finally had a chance to play the new Halo 2 for X-Box – and ya’ know what? It freakin’ rules! It kicks the steaming crap out of Halo, and that’s quite a feat. I love Halo. It’s awesome. But Halo 2 – I’ve never wanted a gaming console more than I do … Read more

It’s fraggin’ time – old school!

[img]http://www.floggingenglish.com/media/images/quake3Arena.jpg[/img] So how many of you remember [url=http://www.idsoftware.com/games/quake/quake3-gold/]Quake III Arena[/url]? Wanna have some FSP frag time fun? I just installed that again the other day, and you know… I think that has got to be the best FSP I have ever played. Hands down. [url=http://www.doom3.com/]Doom 3[/url] is cool, has some kick butt graphics, [url=http://www.xbox.com/en-US/halo/]Halo[/url] is … Read more