Just when I was about to scream foul….

I was just flippin’ through an issue of Computer Gaming World thinking that it was just lame. Wondering exactly what force of nature made me think it was a good idea to shell out some cash on this worthless scrap pile of paper and ink…. Then I was reminded. Reading Gaming for Dummies by Jeff … Read more

Optimus Keyboard February 1st!

OMG! The keyboard is coming! The keyboard is coming! I don’t know what I am going to have to sell in order to buy this keyboard, but rest assured I will be having mine! I originally posted this a while ago, but I have found the update to the actual release date now _ and … Read more

A holiday message from Br4X

So we were playing some games a couple of weeks ago, Halo, and XIII to be specific. And after a couple of rousing rounds of invisible opponents with rocket launchers, good ol’ Br4x decides to give us all a message. I took me a sec’ to figure out just what in the name of Sam … Read more

LHX – Blast from the past!

I was goofing around on the intarweb today – and I got to lookin’ for some old stuff I used play. I was talkin’ with Br4x today about old games, and LHX came up. So, being the nostalgic creature that I am, I found it and downloaded it. Then I had to laugh my arse … Read more

XBOX 360, eBay & idiots with too much money

I have never before been privy to witness such a widespread epidemic of complete and utter stupidity as I have borne witness to in the last week on eBay. People are actually stupid enough to pay close to double or higher than retail prices just to get an xbox 360 when they first come out. … Read more

Doom :: The Movie – BFD

Uhhhmmm, yeah. Right then. So let’s look at the premise of game comes to big screen… Shall we? How many times has this actually been successful? Once? Twice? Resident Evil was good, and I liked the second one too (but I have a thing for Milla Jovovich). Then there was the Digitally rendered Movie, back … Read more

Welcome to your Doom! (the movie)

Hot diggity dog! I was just yappin wit me bro, and he told there is a Doom movie coming out next month! No kidding, that’s what I said. But there it is, on Quicktime’s site for the trailer and teaser, as well as a completely unfinished movie site. The movie site has me a bit … Read more

Battlefield 2

So I know I have made this claim before, but this got to be the best game I have ever played hands down, bar none! I just went and bought a new GeForce 6600 GT so I could play this game, and it is awesome. It runs smooth as silk at 1024 x 768 on … Read more

A 50 caliber blast from the past.

Ahhh… 1998; it was a very good year. [list] [*] California bans smoking in Bars. [*] Ford bought out Volvo. [*] The Galileo space probe discovers a liquid ocean under the ice on Europa. [*] Apple unveiled the iMac. [*] Google Inc. is founded. [*] Novalogic released Delta Force. [/list] Well, for those of us … Read more

Halo 2 – Gimme an X-Box…NOW!!!

[img]http://www.floggingenglish.com/media/images/halo2.jpg[/img] So. I finally had a chance to play the new Halo 2 for X-Box – and ya’ know what? It freakin’ rules! It kicks the steaming crap out of Halo, and that’s quite a feat. I love Halo. It’s awesome. But Halo 2 – I’ve never wanted a gaming console more than I do … Read more

It’s fraggin’ time – old school!

[img]http://www.floggingenglish.com/media/images/quake3Arena.jpg[/img] So how many of you remember [url=http://www.idsoftware.com/games/quake/quake3-gold/]Quake III Arena[/url]? Wanna have some FSP frag time fun? I just installed that again the other day, and you know… I think that has got to be the best FSP I have ever played. Hands down. [url=http://www.doom3.com/]Doom 3[/url] is cool, has some kick butt graphics, [url=http://www.xbox.com/en-US/halo/]Halo[/url] is … Read more

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