It’s all in the details

Code name Jason It cracks me up, computer geeks… err… programmers have a wierd sense of humor and the folks at Adobe aren’t any different. Today I was privvy to a glimpse of Illustrator CS3, or code name Jason. It even came complete with a set of Harlequin masks styled after the jason hockey masks … Read more

Flash in the Can

It’s good to get away once in a while. It’s even better to get to hang out with industry experts and visionaries talking about something you love. In this case it is Flash. I love Flash. That’s why I drove up to Toronto today to Flash in the Can. So far, I’m having an awesome … Read more

Tutorials & Resources

Du du dude! Check it out!!! I have officially opened my tutorials and resources section! It’s kinda bare right now, as it has only 4 links right now, but I’m working on it. So I have a decent start on a gMail skinning tut, as well as a complete tutorial to get you started with … Read more

Firefox, CSS and Goowy… oh my!

Or at least fun at other folks expense. So you’re in the mood to mess with your friends and co-workers? Good. I have just the thing. There’s a feature in Firefox that will allow you skin any website through the use of the ever-powerful CSS. In your Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles?*.default/chrome folder, you can add entries to … Read more

Making Things – in Flash no less…

[url=][img][/img][/url] I just received another email from these folks, and it started me thinking again how cool it was too meet Mr. Shiloh at the Flash Forward Conference in New York last year. The offer some really innovative products to do some outstanding things with a flash interface. The conference was awesome, but I really … Read more

Got time to kill?

[img][/img] I just ran across these time wasters and played [url=]Hapland[/url] for almost an hour, frustrating as heck, I might add butt strangely compelling? I don’t know – but I think I might have to try my hand at making a couple of pointless puzzle games in Flash just for S & G. There’s 2 … Read more

Something wicked this way comes…..

I did a little poking around today, and found a couple of posts from [url=]Colin Moock[/url](thanks Colin – one day too I will have to get to the Actionscript bootcamp – if I ever stop getting sick on the dates that is…), [url=]Macromedia[/url] and [url=]Josh Dura[/url]. Okay so here’s the deal. Maelstrom is the new … Read more

What? Not satisfied with Flash? Nooooo…..

Hehehe, are you catching the sarcasm? Good, ‘cus I’m layin’ it on pretty thick. I love Flash, really I do. But I also hate it. It’s a love/hate thing. Always has been. I was working with Microsofts Visual Studio .NET, and I was lamenting how nice some of the features in the editor are. Being … Read more

Flash email app!?

Okay, I know I’m a Flash dork/geek/junky. I can’t help it. Flash is the master of the universe and anyone who says different will have to deal with me. But this is pretty cool. [url=]Goowy Flash Email[/url] I’m not sure why they chose Goowy, but the appication is pretty sweet. It has skins, spell checking, … Read more

No Deus ex Machina needed…

It’s like the end of a movie, you know the last 5 minutes minutes when the Gods of Atlantis set forth their clarity of purpose, align the planets and all that was wrong becomes good? It was like that today. Well, [i]not really[/i], but it sounded good right? Today we launched the new [url=][/url] site, … Read more