Standards, compliance and what about Flash?

It seems there is a never-ending stream of chatter about proper CSS design and implementation; the use of Standards, as it is most commonly thought of and referred to. This is usually followed by very predictable banter about how you have to make concessions for browsers that aren’t compliant (almost always an opportunity to bash … Read more

It’s time to sweat the small stuff again

I can remember when I was working with a small Interactive Agency; back in the day; the thing that really set us apart from others – besides the fact that no one was doing what we were at the time – was the fact that the smallest details were always a big deal and didn’t … Read more

Warm bottom = happy bottom

The Toto Washlet I am quite sure you can deduce what the Washlet is by the picture, and if that isn’t enough… read the title again. Got it? Good. It’s a bidet. I am quite sure you have probably never used one, and if you have they probably seem like the strangest thing ever. I … Read more

Seriously good time waster; Line Rider

I was goofing around on the intarweb again today – oooh! I know, huge shocker…. Any way, I ran across this guys video on YouTube made with a little Flash app called Line Rider. He is apparently a Stargate Atlantis fan and he set his video to the theme of the show, and made dude … Read more

Full Screen Flash with scrollbars

One of my recent projects involves developing a full screen Flash site that is of abnormal size, possibly requiring the user to scroll to view the entire site. This started out to be a bit of a conundrum, and didn’t readily avail itself to an other than lame solution. I started diving into using JavaScript … Read more

The Book of Deviants

This is another great micro-site. I found this after seeing another of the Scion Little Deviants commercial, and remembering to go and see what else they had out here to go along with this rather twisted little campaign they have themselves. So it’s a little creepy, and the Deviants are quite…. hungry? But it’s still … Read more

Interactive Bridge – The London Design Festival

Last year’s London Design Festival some some pretty amazing things, and I will eagerly anticipate this year’s September showing to see what new creations are unleashed upon society. Realizing all too well I am about a year late on this, but in my defense I had a lot going on over the past couple of … Read more

Adobe Creative Suite 3 – sweet manna from heaven

I have to say that when I first discovered the news that Adobe was going to acquire Macromedia – my heart skipped a few beats. I mean, they already had GoLive (which is a POS), and with how poorly the last version of the Acrobat plugin performed I thought for sure my favorite development platform … Read more

Why Microsoft actually did the Flash Dev. community a favor

Remember about a year or so ago, the whole uproar over the Microsoft EOLAS lawsuit and how Microsoft broke the web? Well, the web is still here, and as far as I am concerned it’s a better place because of it – and we should give Billy and the crew a big thanks. Why thank … Read more

In need of help? Where do you turn?

When you’re working on a project and in need of some help, where do you turn? Do you Prairie Dog and say hey dude, could you give me a hand? Or do you fire up FireFox and bounce a question or two off The Google? The majority of work that I do is still Flash … Read more

It’s a good day to be a fake doctor!

I know it seems as if I have Windows Home Server on the brain, but in fact it just seems to be hitting me in the face ever since I received my Beta 2 kit the other day in the mail. I just stumbled upon, and this is another great example of a superb … Read more

Who knew the Dark Side was so fun?

This is a great site. It’s a promo site for M&Ms Dark – and it’s super-cool… In a spooky way…. It’s a pretty original idea. Take a painting of suggestive images that represent horror movies, and makes folks guess which movie it is for. It’s pretty damned immersive, and pretty frickin’ hard. There are 50 … Read more

Integrating the SWF and the HTML

The more and more I think about how Flash interfaces with the page and how things are changing in regards to how the SWF is presented within the mark-up, the more I think there has to be a better way of creating a unified experience that is reliable and simple. How to Break it Let’s … Read more

Flash and Search Engine indexing

As many folks already know, Google can index Flash files (.swf) extracting text and links thus allowing the files to be included in search results. But does anyone really care? No, not really. If you Google Flash indexing you will find people that were angry that no one did this for such a long time, … Read more

Now you can shave those pesky….

Every now and again, something comes along that is funny as hell, clever, and well… spot on. The Philips Body Groom is a pretty slick little shaver, probably better than my current beard trimmer too – but if you look at their site; the beard, is not the fuzz they are talkin about turning into … Read more

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