Scott Berkun: The Myths of Innovation

I recently finished Scott Berkun’s latest book, The Myths of Innovation, which is a wonderful read. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to further their intellectual arsenal to create better work, or to manage a team to gain more creativity in development. Written with a clear and concise voice, Scott has … Read more

Back to basics – Run Windows 3.1 with Virtual PC 2007

It’s the good ol’ days, back when I was in Junior High, full of spunk because we just got a new color monitor and ditched the Amber Screen that we opted for over the standard green with our XT. Good times… Good Times! Now you too can relive the glory days of computing, be transported … Read more

If it’s worth doing; it’s worth doing right

"Just because I don’t care, doesn’t mean I don’t understand." — Homer Simpson I’m working on getting my Bronco set to pass PA inspection so I can start driving it again, and I keep running into various ridiculously retarded hack job inflicted upon my rig. Wires cut just inside the firewall and left dangling, red … Read more

Your digital self image

There has been a lot of talk lately about what you learned about software while not in college, or what you learned about software in college and  what life skills best have benefited your software the most, with other articles, blog posts and ideas I have been kicking around for a while now – it … Read more

Not Nestle, but just as sweet

One of my cohorts has dusted off his old IBM keyboard and clacked his way into the blogoshpere, with Crunchlife. Powered by Typo, it’s been splattered with AJAX, Ruby, ample helpings of Social Networking and even a bit of pre-launch gib. Sooner or later his site might catch up to mine with lots of helpful … Read more

Why Microsoft actually did the Flash Dev. community a favor

Remember about a year or so ago, the whole uproar over the Microsoft EOLAS lawsuit and how Microsoft broke the web? Well, the web is still here, and as far as I am concerned it’s a better place because of it – and we should give Billy and the crew a big thanks. Why thank … Read more

In need of help? Where do you turn?

When you’re working on a project and in need of some help, where do you turn? Do you Prairie Dog and say hey dude, could you give me a hand? Or do you fire up FireFox and bounce a question or two off The Google? The majority of work that I do is still Flash … Read more

Being detail oriented can be a pain in the jar

I used to consider myself a Type A personality, but I really don’t think that fits any more. I tend to be very detail oriented though, I try to be concise; sometimes to a fault; organized and very thorough. Why am I bringing this up? Because (in general) these are all things that Open Source … Read more

Porting WordPress themse to SubText

I decided yesterday that I was going to set up a Dev Blog at work so I could keep my head on straight and quit forgetting all the important things I should be writing down but never do. Being that we (try to be) are a Microsoft shop, I figured it would be prudent to … Read more

Software Development: Who actually gets it right?

With so many articles floating around the web, so many sites, blogs, eNewsletters, etc, dedicated to Development and best practices; how is it that there is so much horrible software developed? If everyone knows what not to do, and can easily identify a project that will be laced with scope creep from 20 paces, why … Read more

.crit ready for submissions

I finally have my critique site up, and ready for submissions. .crit is well on its way out of beta. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch – but it’s up and running. For a bit of background on what the site is and what it’s all about, .crit is a web site critique site for folks … Read more

Web Standards – the Right way & the Easy way

This is still the catch phrase of the year – Web Standards. Everyone is talking about it, lots of folks are developing to this ideology – and yet, why is it so hard to do? You can’t have an article, blog post or discussion about Standards or Tableless Design without some Standardista or Web Relic … Read more


Very soon I will have another little project to contend with, I have added domain (FlashFoo) to my domain repertoire. Why? Because I know stuff the rest of you wish you knew – that’s why! Okay, so maybe that isn’t the real reason, but it’s close! This new site will cover Flash Programming and hopefully … Read more

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