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whoa mama…
March 23, 2003|Blatherings

whoa mama…

Ye olde furnaceYou know you’ve got yourself a real keeper when the guys puttin’ in your new furnace take a gander at the old one, and can only muster a “whoa mama”. You have to understand the old furnace to get a “true” picture of the “whoa mama-dom” of it all. It measured close to 20 square feet – yep no typo here – it was about 4 to 5 five feet across on each side and clicked and clacked probably since the day it was installed, right after the house was built in the 30’s.

So it’s almost gone now. In our basement next to our bright shiny, and small new furnace – sits this big, rusty turbine looking thing that is the carcass of what should have been a monster of furnace. But in reality it’s kinda like that big dog down the street that barks really loud when you walk by, but then runs for cover when you actually walk in his direction. It barely had the minerals to heat the house, but cost us a small fortune in gas.

Darryll, Litsa and Donovan 1, house 0. Now on to the kitchen…

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