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There are those days…
May 17, 2004|Blatherings

There are those days…

Some days I just have to prattle, sheep prattle don’t they? That would indeed be an ironic use of a word I really rather enjoy using. I am digressing from my blog-barfing though, God! I can’t even stay on task when all I am doing is babbling! WTF!?

I spent 7.5 hours this last Saturday sitting on my arse at work. Boy, that was a treat… can I do it again? Yes please! Then I sat and reloaded software almost 1/2 the day on Sunday after my computer laid the Golden Goose. But alas, I return. I’m a glutton. I like the digital pain this gaggle of silicon and wiring doles out on a daily basis. It’s fun. Ask my brother. He knows. Same boat, different climate.

Oh well. I think I will go eat 3 helpings of General Tsao’s tomorrow at the buffet…

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