3 thoughts on “Goodnight and good luck”

  1. Which computer should I shut down? My laptop, my PVR, my gaming box, my wife’s computer or my file server?

    I burn so much energy it makes the penguins sweat! mwuahahahahahahah!

  2. That’s mighty east coast of ya buddy! I thought all you left coasters we tree huggin granola crunchers.

    I shut down both my desktop and file server. I had to boot my new Mac up for 10 minutes though, just to make sure it worked…

    Gotta love eBay!

  3. I did my part. Don’t know if it mattered. I got a lot done though. 🙂 Might have to do that more often, though the sun is starting to come out here more often, so I won’t be on this thing anyway… And I hug no trees…

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