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I guess 70% isn’t good enough…
October 4, 2005|BlatheringsOp/Ed

I guess 70% isn’t good enough…

Down with the RIAABack like a bad hangover after an all night binger at the Option House, comes the RIAA after more money for the Recording Industry pukes. This time they have their sites set on the remaining 20% they don’t get. Eh?

I know, it all becomes clear. Read John Dvoraks PC Mag article. According to the RIAA, 70% of every song that sells on iTunes and the like, isn’t good enough – and the business model doesn’t work. WTF? Hey guys… it’s toke.. toke.. pass… alright. Share the stink weed, cus’ we all want a hit. They want to be able to raise the price of popular music to further gouge the consumers, and most likely just get ride of the iTunes service altogether. I wish I could figure out a way to get 70 cents on the dollar for doing nothing. Apple incurs all costs, and retains only 29 cents for each song sale. That’s not much left for bandwidth, development, purchasing, up-keep,advertising, etc…

I know, I know, they have more egg on their collective face then a greasy-spoon griddle on a Sunday – but come on guys, get over it! You blew it with music downloads. It’s not a fad, or a bunch of slack-jawed ijits trying to not spending money. It’s the future you over-paid, over-the-hill jag-offs! Every time you get an itch for money (which you already have bucket loads of), you send of your infantile, gibberish slingin, Jonnie Cochrans (think RIAA) to beat someone up and take their money. The only thing that this sort of idiocy is going to bring about is less money for the artists (who are the ones who deserve it, by the way), and some new Son of Napster iteration. Only this time it will be clever, and harder for your army of techno-tards to crack.

This crap really pisses me off! It’s bad enough that the TelCos basically own the state I live. Yeah that means you too Mr. Rendell (See House Bill 30). Now the Recording Industry wants me to buy only from them, and they want to charge Sam Goody prices! Take your $20 CD and park it somewhere painful. Sideways. Just because these corporations have more money than ethics, doesn’t mean they should be able to buy themselves so many lawyers, lobbyists and politicians that they can reshape the laws to suite whatever retarded scheme they happen to dream up this week.

I for one am done. I am buying music only from iTunes. It’s not like I bought a lot CDs lately anyway, so screw it. I’m not even a Mac-head. I like PCs better, and I think Jobs is a jerk. That not withstanding, if the RIAA doesn’t like iTunes… I love it! It’s pretty much that simple.



  • RadRoj
    October 5, 2005 at 12:14 am

    I only buy used CD’s, which I haven’t even done for some time, but I will be using Itunes now that I know the RIAA doesn’t like ’em! =) They won’t be happy until no one buys music anymore…

  • October 5, 2005 at 11:26 pm

    That seems to be the consensus. They’re going so far as to basically tell CD pressing company’s what they can and cannot press into CDs. So now they too are checking content, and telling some folks they won’t make their CDs because they’re afraid of getting sued…

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