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Got time to kill?
June 21, 2005|BlatheringsflashFoo

Got time to kill?


I just ran across these time wasters and played [url=http://www.foon.co.uk/farcade/hapland/]Hapland[/url] for almost an hour, frustrating as heck, I might add butt strangely compelling? I don’t know – but I think I might have to try my hand at making a couple of pointless puzzle games in Flash just for S & G. There’s 2 of these out, and the second is even more Brain-squeezingly fun. Try it.

One I haven’t tried yet though is [url=http://www.woolythinking.com/#]Archipelago[/url]. It has better graphics and seems quite a bit more complex, but I tend to like to distracting simplicity of being able to blow stick figures…

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