What is flashFoo?

Simple. I have been designing and developing in Flash for… ohhh geez…. 6 years plus? Something like that. I have also found along the way the best places to find the most comprehensive and helpful information is from people like me. The folks who get their hanbds dirty everyday dukin’ it out with AS & … Read more

Just a quick note…

I have stayed up late (well sort of) and posted some images from my trip to the Big Apple. Not a ton, but it’s a bit rough going through these at night, so I should have some more up some time before the second coming… [url=http://www.floggingenglish.com/photoPages/nyc.htm]New York Images Index[/url]

Oh yeah… I went to New York!

[url=http://www.floggingenglish.com/media/images/grandCentral_pana_web.jpg][img]http://www.floggingenglish.com/media/images/grandCentral_pana_thumb.jpg[/img][/url] This year was the someteenth anniversary of [url=http://www.flashforward2004.com]FlashForward flash conference[/url] and I was lucky enough to con my boss into getting the company to foot the bill. It was out-freakin-standing! I love New York. I even have a big red apple tattoo right on my a…. okay, no I don’t, but you get the … Read more

50000 volts up your RJ-45!

[url=http://www.neostream.com][img]http://www.floggingenglish.com/media/images/neostreamImage.jpg[/img][/url] I love this website. I don’t think these guys have done anything for a while, but their site is really cool. Check it out. Beat the crap out of punchy here too while you’re there… he likes it. [url=http://www.neostream.com]neostream.com[/url] Oh yeah, there’s a new desktop in the STUFF section too…

Almost like being back in the Northwest.

[url=http://www.floggingenglish.com/media/images/stairs_bw.jpg][img]http://www.floggingenglish.com/media/images/stairs_bw_thumb.jpg[/img][/url] At the advice of more than a couple of local-yolkals, I checked out Rim Rock Park today. With the entire family in-tow, we shuttled off in the Mom-mobile to brave the rain, and have an outdoorsy adventure. Donovan REALLY wanted to go for a walk, so that’s what we did. This is a pretty … Read more

What’s black, red & hums?

[url=http://www.floggingenglish.com/media/images/towerFront_large.jpg][img]http://www.floggingenglish.com/media/images/towerFront_small.jpg[/img][/url] My freakin’ computer that’s what! I painted my tower this last weekend since my computer was dead. Hehehe… didn’t know that did ya? Yep. Click, whirrr, bloop. It’s dead Jim. Special thanks to Don Don for sportin’ the new mobo for a rippin’ price. Now I’m back spillin’ nonsense up here. Oh yeah, gettin’ … Read more

There are those days…

Some days I just have to prattle, sheep prattle don’t they? That would indeed be an ironic use of a word I really rather enjoy using. I am digressing from my blog-barfing though, God! I can’t even stay on task when all I am doing is babbling! WTF!? I spent 7.5 hours this last Saturday … Read more

The Bronco is BACK!!!!

[b]OMG!!!![/b] This has got to be the most beautiful machine on the planet! I love Ford! I love Ford! [url=http://www.floggingenglish.com/media/images/broncoWall_v1.jpg][img]http://www.floggingenglish.com/media/images/broncoConcept.jpg[/img][/url] I LOVE FORD! That being said, if they don’t make this thing… they die…. The Ford Bronco concept unleashed upon the unsuspection truck market recently is nothing short of a good ol’ fashion truck! Big … Read more

Your desktop image does what?!

This is cool. This is the next big thing actually. I predict it. Hear me. Mark my words. Flash on your desktop. Have the ability to get content on a variety of subjects, and media to your viewing public right where they will see it. All day actually. With several solutions and companies pushing this … Read more