city_1024floggingenglish.com started as a small Flash experiment several years ago since I wanted to see how easy it would be to build a basic blog in Flash. As it turns out, it really isn’t all that difficult, and thus PennBlog was born.

After a couple of small revisions, I decided to go to a full-fledged domain and changed the name to Flogging English. Still, the primary focus of the site was to keep in touch with family and friends who are now all almost 300 miles away. Except me Pops, who lives in sunny Florida.

The site as it lives today is a representation of what is important to me: in no particular order. I’ve added sections to the blog, including the flashFoo section will I fully intend to fill up with Flash tutorials and source files of some of the stuff I have worked on and figured. I figure, a lot of people have helped me out over the years, so the least I can do is help out others by sharing the stuff I have learned and squeezed out of Flash – and the intarwebs in general.

I’ve been a Web Designer & Developer for going on 12 years now, and I’m not ready to quit yet. I love what I do, and being part of the community that fosters the most creative designs around. I’ve had the opportunity to do freelance work, work with highly creative teams of folks with high energy development companies, and medium companies producing content for corporate sites, intranet applications, CD based software tutorials, video and the list goes on. I am pretty damn lucky. I have a great family, good friends, excellent job and generous employer. What more could I ask for? Okay… a million bucks. That would round it off. Thanks.

Having moved from Oregon to Pennsylvania in 2002, my focus has shifted dramatically and I remain focused and dedicated to my family. Exploring the eastern side of the country is going slowly, but Litsa, the boys and I are having fun trying to figure out where all the good spots are out here. This is a far cry from the Columbia River Gorge, but still I haven’t wandered too much yet – so I can’t really say what’s out here yet. I can say (without a doubt) I miss Pro Photo Supply in Portland – the photo stores I have found out here SUCK!