Better rounded corners in Flash

This is probably the simplest thing in the world, but I still see the effects of it not being used all over the place, and honestly I’m still guilty of forgetting it sometimes too. You know the scenario, you’re building the coolest Flash project ever to grace the intarwebs, and it has rounded corners all … Read more

Web design & the other dude’s code….

As a corporate designer part of what I do occasionally is wade through other peoples code and fix it. Not that this is my favorite thing to do mind you, but we buy 3rd party solutions as bolt-ons from time-to-time, and that means those solutions get to be molded into the corporate brand, transforming it … Read more

Camouflage pattern generator

I’ve been on a pretty good run the last several days as far as a creative streak at my day job. Working through several new designs for banners, product animations and wallpaper designs. One of these led to the idea of having a camouflage background to build on, but I couldn’t find a pattern I … Read more

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