Designing mobile websites for the iPhone

Even before I finally had an iPhone magically bestowed upon me (thanks to the fam!), I had a HP iPaq mobile player – and have been fascinated with designing and building sites for the mobile web. I’ve been designing and developing websites for more than a decade now, and while I wouldn’t say it’s old … Read more

Scars – what kind of stories do they tell?

I was noticing this the other day, and I sort of starting thinking about all of the scars that I have, how I got them, and what the story is behind them. I have a lot of them, I don’t think it’s any kind of record, but I seem to be littered with them. I … Read more

Mobile device detection with .NET C#

Back in June I wrote about supporting mobile devices with JavasScript and CSS, and at my day job we have been tracking a very significant growth pattern of mobile devices accessing our core domain, so it’s time to take some real action and work towards much better, more streamlined support of these platforms. I’ve worked … Read more

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