Run Moblin 2 Alpha on a MacBook Pro with VMware

Just tonight I ran across the moblin project that the good folks over at Intel are working on and it sounds too good to be true. Boot times are insanely fast – like 5 seconds, and the download is impossibly small at 264mb. Well from what I have seen so far, this thing is pretty … Read more

Digital TV deadline to get a push by Senate?

Reading over at engadget it looks like we might be getting a reprieve from the raging cluster-$%^! that would be the transition to Digital TV next month. I would have to say that isn't a real surprise and if you're surprised I would have to ask about the planet you've been living on for the … Read more

The inauguration of Barack Obama

The Presidential Inauguration of Barack Obama was the first inauguration I have watched in over a decade, and I am glad I watched it. Around 10 am or so yesterday we decided at work we would setup a projector in the office lunch room, get Pizza and as a group watch the inauguration; and it … Read more

Windows virtual desktops: harder than it looks

I have been living with my virtual desktops for a little more than week or so, at least consistently, and I have found that my initial infatuation with DeskSpace was blinded by lust. After running it for around 36 hours at two locations I discovered what a freakin' unbridled RAM pig this application really is. … Read more

Virtual desktops for Windows

Ever since I started playing around with Ubuntu and was introduced to the awesomeness that is Beryl, I became addicted to having virtual desktops. I love the fact that I can do that on my Mac lappy and have multiple apps running and be able to quickly switch from one to the other. Sadly – … Read more

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