Invasion of the nut snatchers!

I'm not sure what happened between last year and this year, but all of a sudden we have a plethora of little yard rodents invading out trees and neighboring holes and hideouts. Maybe it's a as simple as Squirrels and Chipmunks tend to breed like Rabbits? I don't really know, but what I do know … Read more

Huge Squid spotted at an Oil Rig in the Gulf

This thing has got to be the weirdest looking Squid I have ever seen. Watching it float there I can't help but think in the next couple of seconds I would see some laser equipped sub come shooting onto the scene with Will Smith screaming somethin' about "Oh no you didn't just shoot that green … Read more

There’s a little Ninja in my gmail!

Sweet! I get home yesterday to discover that Google has decided to emblazon gmail with themes, and I am happy as a Ninja in a Samurai stronghold. You now have 32 different themes to style your gmail interface to be whatever delights your heart that day. One for every day of the month in fact … Read more

Amazon’s OLPC Program – Just in time to get your Holiday Geek-on

Just in time for the holidays, Amazon has launched their OLPC Program today enabling the world to get an XO if they Give One.These are actually pretty sweet little lappys if you are in the mood to shell out $400 bucks to get your $200 laptop. I've seen a couple in action, and they seem … Read more

How to fix your ailing Sony DVD player

The wife and I went to play a rented DVD the other night, and if you have rented movies lately you probably can understand why I hate doing this. The discs are just about always scratched up by some ignorant sod buster with pugil sticks for hands. Well, luckily this one was not, yet my … Read more

Change has come to America

Having served in the Marines, I have always been proud to be an American. Always feeling very strongly about the values that started this nation, even if they sometimes appear to not be part of the more current administrations agenda. Today, that pride is heightened by the almost overwhelming perception that things will change; things … Read more

Amazing run-up to election day

I have to say that so far the 2008 Presidential Election has seen the most activity running up to election day that I can remember. I have received emails urging me to vote from Lance Armstrong, Trent Reznor, & Babies R Us just to name a few of the ones that stood out. I have … Read more

Corporate email lists – Forgetting how to communicate

If you own or run an online business you probably understand, if only on a basic level, how important it is to communicate with your current and potential customer base. If you don't, you really need to spend some time boning up on your basic eMarketing principals. What a lot of companies seem to forget … Read more

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