The Great Cthulhu too!

First Annual Great Cthulhu Giveaway Okay, here's the deal. I happen to have another Great Cthulhu – and according to some archaic law, this Cthulhu must be housed in a new dwelling lest there be a battle amongst Cthulhu's in my home (does not want!). The first bloke to post I want my Cthulhu! in … Read more

The Great Cthulhu lives!

This has been a running joke in our house for a while now, in fact ever since the Lamantooie Massacre in fact, that my wee son Dylan is the Cthulhu of the Legoverse. So when my wife saw this pattern she had to make one… erm… actually, 3? Well it was supposed to be for … Read more

Crystal Head Vodka by Dan Ackroyd

Talk about jumping on a strange bandwagon; but creating a business around selling Vodka in a bottle shaped like a Crystal Skull…. oop wait, not skull; head. The video itself is pretty darn amusing, with Dr. Detroit standing up there talking about Mystical properties and mystery surrounding Crystal Heads found around the world, and how … Read more

Creating personalized maps with umapper

I registered with umapper some time ago to check out what they have going with their beta, but for a while I struggles to figure out what I would use it for. It was easy to figure out for work, I could create maps to find the most popular destinations in the area for people … Read more

Generating random grids in Flash

I started playing around with a random grid project the other week when I came across a desktop I really like that is comprised of a grid of randomly placed blocks with an image built into the grid made of lighter blocks. The desktop is over at Vlad Studios, and is still one of my … Read more

Music Industry: Hell-bent on self destruction

Every time I turn around it seems like one of the music industry organizations is doing the darnedest to destroy what's left of the tenuous grasp they have on their fate. Add to this companies like Wal-Mart turning off their DRM servers leaving hordes of purchasers with little to no option other than finding some … Read more

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