Leaving New England….

Yesterday we started on our journey home and naturally the weather cooperated nicely and we had a rather beautiful sunny send off as we motored out of North Conway. The day before was another thing all together…. Sunday we drove to Portland and then on to Freeport Maine, and the weather was just shy of … Read more

Welcome to Vermont & Happy Anniversary

Here we are stopped on the side of the road just after scrambling up a slippery rocky hillside to get some shots of a waterfall in the rain. We are just near Mt. Washington, not that you would be able to see through all the rain and the clouds – but Vermont and New Hampshire … Read more

Test your site for IE goodness with IE Tester

Looking for a functional way to get IE 8 and IE 7 to run on my machine today, I found the IE Tester project, and I have to say that for an all in one IE testing app, it works quite well. Up until today the only tool I had at my disposal was Multiple … Read more

EA tries to kill Spore with insane DRM; or does it?

Everyone is jumping on the DRM bandwagon like it's the Last Train to Clarksville, and most seem to be getting it wrong. With all of the chatter on the web about about poorly implemented DRM, it's really just idiotic to implement as tight a reign on a product as EA has done with Spore. If … Read more

It’s good to be back online

After having had been Iked on Monday night around 9:30pm, and not having had power from then until 2am this morning – I am glad to have my computer and the interwebs back at my disposal. I am also glad that I don't live in Pittsburgh right now as they got hit pretty hard, but … Read more

New Microsoft ads beat the Mac ads: because they are nicer….

The two new Microsoft ads are engaging because of the strangely familiar interaction between Gates and Seinfeld, which really does read like an old Seinfeld episode (no real surprise there). They are also ambiguous enough to be entertaining rather than a Cricket Bat to the face. The first one slays me, but mainly because of … Read more

Craig Ferguson, “If you don’t vote, you’re a moron”

I usually keep well clear of religion and politics, but this monologue by Craig Ferguson is spot on…….

Do you know what you don’t know?

I just finished watching a short clip at TED by Jonathan Drori, What we think we know. He poses 4 questions which he insists that most people think they know the answer to,but really don't. A little seed weighs next to nothing but a tree weighs a lot. From where does the tree get the … Read more

Google Chrome: Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.

The world doesn't need another web browser. As a web designer this move by Google to further tighten their stranglehold on the web is annoying as hell. With the addition of Google Chrome to the wonderful world of the interwebs, this simply means there will be another browser than will need to be develop and … Read more

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