When XP goes bad….

This last Wednesday night was fairly unremarkable – just another night really, until about 10 pm when all hell broke loose on my desktop here at home. For a day or so my AV had been telling me it updated itself and I need to reboot. So I finally did, and what happened next was … Read more

Flash player 9 vulnerability

It has been reported that there is a code injection vulnerability in the latest version of the Adobe Flash player ( by researchers at the SANS Institute's Internet Storm Center and Symantec. The vulnerability could allow for remote code execution, and so far it seems like the in-the-wild results are redirects to one of three … Read more

Getting my Wii online

I finally got off my but to get my Wii on my wifi, and had a little trouble. A quick Google Search revealed I wasn't the only one having trouble getting their device online using the built-in WiFi. As is the nature of all finely crafted error codes, this one on the Wii was just … Read more

I’m not a Lumberjack, but I play one on the weekends…..

This weekend I decided to break out the chainsaw and do some selective thinning of our personal forest, and downed 3 trees and about 100 saplings. Okay, maybe a bit less than 100 – but a lot of them just the same. Since I have been watching Axe Men on Discovery Channel, I felt more … Read more

Power saving in Vista: follow-up

As a next step I set up my machine to run for an hour before entering sleep mode then to hibernate while in Vista – and it did make a decent difference. While asleep, the computer was only drawing between  143 and 167 watts, and wound up using 3.72 kwh for a 24 hour period. … Read more

Power consumption: Who’s cheaper, Vista or XP?

I have wanted to do this for a while now, to see what the first run results would be, so I toddled over to Think Geek and purchased a Kill A Watt. They have a couple other models, a Kill A Watt EZ and the Watt's Up Pro – but they are too rich for … Read more

Building a custom fit computer

My wife and I have been remodeling her office for the past several weeks and since we finally got the new floor and cabinets in, I decided to rebuild her computer into a cabinet fit unit rather than the Aspire box case that I originally bought for it. It's been an okay machine other than … Read more

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