SEO – For Flash Freaks

I've talked about this before, and there is plenty of information out there meandering along the Super Highway – but a lot of people still seem to really miss the boat on this. Maybe it's as simple as they feel they don't have time, or that it won't really matter anyway; either case though, that's … Read more

Web banners are cool again with PointRoll

I know; you're like whatever! Banners aren't cool. They suck. They're annoying, the pop-up, pop-under, flash, blink, give you adware, and track how many times you change your boxers in a week… They're just evil right? That's why someone made those Flash blocking plug-ins for Firefox isn't it? Well, you're all wrong. I know everyone … Read more

Tracking Flash stats with Google Analytics

One of the first things deployed after developing a new website is some sort of stats tracking. The insights that can be gained from analyzing the performance and user metrics can be invaluable – so it would be a shame to drop a load of cash on a swankin’ Flash site to have the only … Read more

Standards, compliance and what about Flash?

It seems there is a never-ending stream of chatter about proper CSS design and implementation; the use of Standards, as it is most commonly thought of and referred to. This is usually followed by very predictable banter about how you have to make concessions for browsers that aren’t compliant (almost always an opportunity to bash … Read more

Portal: Intelligent gaming

One of my left coast friends, Kent turned me onto the game Portal – which is included in The Orange Box, which you should definitely go out and buy. The game is really fun and totally different from any other game I have ever played. Unlike most of what I spend my gaming time with, … Read more

Time stops for 5 minutes at Grand Central Terminal

This last Saturday, the unthinkable happened at New York’s Grand Central Terminal: for 200 people time stood still for 5 minutes. Adding another awesome concept to their arsenal of successful missions, Improve Everywhere gathered up more than 200 folks to descend unto Grand Central and simultaneous freeze in place – a pose they all held … Read more

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