Reasonable expectation of truth

A lot of ideas have been mincing around my noggin lately, and I keep coming back to the immense volume of opinions, half-truths and in some cases blatant fabrications that are floated around the Web, getting either assimilated into the collective stack as truth or is deliberately passed off as truth and equally absorbed by … Read more

Hooray! For animated PNGs

It appears the good folks at Mozilla are trying to gain a bit of momentum for the Animated PNG file adaptation. Since it is currently only supported by 2 Browsers; Firefox 3, and Opera 9.5 (both in Beta), I wouldn’t get too excited about seeing them sprout like warts on every web page as a … Read more

Hydrogen Fuel Cells go the distance

In a recent press release, Toyota has completed a 2,300 mile Journey from Alaska to Vancouver in their Fuel Cell powered Highlander FCHV. This pretty exciting news, and to-date, is the longest published trip (that I could find) of any of the big auto manufacturers. It boosts mileage exceeding 300 on a single tank of … Read more

The Library of Congress goes social with Flickr

In an inspired move by our friends at the Federal Government, in particular the Library of Congress, has created The Commons on Flickr, billing it as "Your opportunity to contribute to describing the world’s public photo collections." The Library of Congress section of the commons has about 3,100 images in it now and is being … Read more

I like it when Consumer Relations works for the customer

Back in 2001 I waltzed into River City Bicycles in Portland, and bought myself some swankin’ cool Oakley’s and sauntered out lookin’ just as cool as I am. After almost 7 years of nearly everyday use I finally decide to get them refurbished from Oakley. The only reason was the bridge gasket was getting loose … Read more


Santa was extraordinarily good to the DeCoster family this year, and we woke to find a Nintendo Wii snuggled with care under the tree. I have read the reviews, watched people play, heard the media drone on about how they are being used, watched the prices on eBay go ridiculously high then back to normal, … Read more

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