HTML 5 does the hokey pokey

Trends in web design and development are leaning towards the separation of style and content, for anyone embroiled in the industry this isn’t a surprise or breaking news – but it has basically become the holy grail of development – for better or worse. Through carefully crafted HTML and CSS designs and developers are able … Read more

Usability in everyday devices

Usability: the property of a website, software application, or web application that relates to ease of use. Usability is commonly defined as having three core components: effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction. With the inception of the World Wide Web by Time Berners-Lee a whole new process of thinking, design, organizing and displaying information came into being. … Read more

When to not answer a cell phone….

I was going to write about how the new Google OpenSocial seems pretty cool, or maybe about knol and how folks seem to be turning the corner and seeing Google as possibly the next Microsoft (WTF?). But I can’t. I keep running into people; well not really people per say… dudes answering their cell phone … Read more