Adobe phones home, and omniture tries to be clever

I was just reading over at Uneasy Silence that the new CS3 studio likes to ping an a service every time you open your CS3 applications, I wouldn’t be surprised if it does the same when you close them too – but that is unconfirmed. I will have to take a look at this when … Read more

HTML 5 does the hokey pokey

Trends in web design and development are leaning towards the separation of style and content, for anyone embroiled in the industry this isn’t a surprise or breaking news – but it has basically become the holy grail of development – for better or worse. Through carefully crafted HTML and CSS designs and developers are able … Read more

Usability in everyday devices

Usability: the property of a website, software application, or web application that relates to ease of use. Usability is commonly defined as having three core components: effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction. With the inception of the World Wide Web by Time Berners-Lee a whole new process of thinking, design, organizing and displaying information came into being. … Read more

Parallels, Vista and gaming on a Mac

I picked up a copy of Parallels a couple of weeks ago at the Apple Store up in Buffalo at Walden Galleria, so that I could play my PC games when I go left for Christmas. I was excited about getting Vista up and running and playing Halo 2 against my bro. The excitement soon … Read more

When to not answer a cell phone….

I was going to write about how the new Google OpenSocial seems pretty cool, or maybe about knol and how folks seem to be turning the corner and seeing Google as possibly the next Microsoft (WTF?). But I can’t. I keep running into people; well not really people per say… dudes answering their cell phone … Read more

Fractals: from villages to artwork

I have been a fan of fractals as art for a number of years now ever since I started seeing them pop up as desktop images. But I ran across this guys site on Deviant Art, Tom Wilcox. His work is nothing short of amazing, extremely beautiful. I must have wasted an hour of my … Read more

Develop your email campaign to ensure delivery

Without it being too much of a misleading article, it really isn’t possible to ensure a 100% delivery and receipt rate – but utilizing specific design and development techniques will help. Simple & valid code It seems to be all the rage to write sloppy and malformed HTML these days, like having lousy development habits … Read more

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