Operation Firefox

Mozilla is so cool. Their latest stunt is pretty brilliant, for a seriously blatant marketing ploy. Enlist an entire community of people who will gladly volunteer their time and resources to help market and advertise a company and their product; and how to do it without spending a virtual dump truck load of scratch. Operation … Read more

Tossed Gruel Methodology

There are literally dozens of Software Development Methodologies for a would-be programmer to select from, with an equally mind-numbing number of papers, blog posts, rants and raves to confuse the best intentioned developer into not knowing which one will work for their application, because according to all supporting data: they are all the best. Or … Read more

Usability in product packaging

I was strolling through Lowe’s today with my boys, not remembering if I had a good batch of putty, so I stepped down the paint and caulk isle, and noticed new packaging for the Elmer’s Wood Putty. The first thing that came to mind was "It’s about time." I was seriously taken with the new … Read more

the 411 on GOOG-411

I sort of stumbled upon this the today; I haven’t seen any signs about it mind you, but just the same I tried it. 1-800-goog411 I guess the folks at Google decided to dispense with the normal trappings of accepted conversational greetings, opting for a more machine-like approach. When you call, you are greeted with … Read more