Is shopping online really safe?

This is the third card I have received now on my MasterCard account, because the account number has been compromised. I am beginning to think that I should not be shopping online at all anymore. Once The first time it happened I am unsure if initially it was an online issue, or if some unscrupulous … Read more

The joys of wireless networks

We decided today that we were going to start the process of clearing out Litsa’s office so we could put in the new cabinets and desk space, and paint, fix damaged walls, etc. In doing so, the only location for her computer required it be on the wireless network, and since she does online banking … Read more

The Gecko: Mother Nature’s Ninja

I was watching TV with Donovan, Modern  Marvels to be exact and they had a short segment about Gecko’s and how their feet are the holy grail of climbing devices. They featured Stanford’s Sticky Bot (here’s a YouTube clip), which gets its ability to scale walls and other smooth surfaces through Directional Adhesion. Directional Adhesion … Read more

Is this what happens when you get old?

Man. I tell you what if this is what happens when you get old, I don’t want to. I’m coming home from work today and this old dude in a truck (much biggerer than my wee Jetta) bolts out in front of me like someone just lit his arse on fire. Now, mind you this … Read more

Top 10 reasons why digg will go the way of the Dodo

The 2007 Steaming Pile Award With more than 9,000 stories featuring the words Top 10 hitting the digg front page since 2005, this seems to be the perfect venue to illustrate the ludicrous way in which information is promoted to be popular by the digg troglodytes. Not everything can be a killer of something else; … Read more

What’s so bad about being out of touch?

I just went to Olean and watched Resident Evil: Extinction with a couple friends and right after the movie half of the theater immediately turned on their cell phones, half while in the theater still the other half while walking out. Granted they were all kids or colleges students(still kids in most cases), but.. uh, … Read more

Scott Berkun: The Myths of Innovation

I recently finished Scott Berkun’s latest book, The Myths of Innovation, which is a wonderful read. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking to further their intellectual arsenal to create better work, or to manage a team to gain more creativity in development. Written with a clear and concise voice, Scott has … Read more

Seriously good time waster; Line Rider

I was goofing around on the intarweb again today – oooh! I know, huge shocker…. Any way, I ran across this guys video on YouTube made with a little Flash app called Line Rider. He is apparently a Stargate Atlantis fan and he set his video to the theme of the show, and made dude … Read more

I never thought I’d live to see the day when IE beats Firefox

Over the past couple of weeks I had been limping along trying to figure out why my bandwidth at home was sucking eggs hard-core. Come to find out it isn’t Verizon after all; it’s Firefox! I’m gonna surf like it’s 1999 I had been talking with br4x just the other day (well, last week(, and I … Read more

So long to the grungiest Taco Bell east of the Mason Dixon line

This is a suitable end to what had to be the most disgusting restaurant I have ever set foot in. This place was sheer filth – okay – maybe not quite that bad, but if ever there was a need to rip down a scummy fast food joint, this was the top candidate. The drive … Read more

Alas; I have found my way home….

The prodigal son returns. Maybe a tad on the dramatical side, but so what. Texas seems pretty cool – granted I spent a whole 3 days there, and never ventured beyond Dallas, and only touched a bit there, but I like it. It’s warm, flat, and quite populated. Dallas is a nice city; I was/am … Read more

Rewrite your Master Boot Record

Hopefully you are simply interested in this rather than have just witnessed some major catastrophe befall your computer. Or like me, you are setting forth to ace GRUB and move on with your life. A few short hours ago I detailed my dissatisfaction with Ubuntu and the whole Linux experience. Well, now I aced GRUB … Read more

Ubuntu blows kernel chunks – sometimes free isn’t as good as it sounds

I’ve spent the last half hour screwing around with a dorked up install, poorly written and inadequately designed software, and all I want to do is post about my trip to Texas. That is not to be. Ubuntu stinks… There, I said it. I mean it too. Between having to resurrect my install due to … Read more

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