I’m off to Texas

In all likely hood it will be a few days before I post again, but you never know. Okay, so it’s not like I post every day anyhow – so it won’t be a massive departure from the norm. I’m heading to Texas tomorrow evening to visit an old friend, Brandon, for the long weekend. … Read more

Back to basics – Run Windows 3.1 with Virtual PC 2007

It’s the good ol’ days, back when I was in Junior High, full of spunk because we just got a new color monitor and ditched the Amber Screen that we opted for over the standard green with our XT. Good times… Good Times! Now you too can relive the glory days of computing, be transported … Read more

Bradford’s 10 minute Typhoon

Right around 6pm this evening a swirling blast of Tornado like chaos descended upon Bradford and decimated what was left of quite a nice day. Not even 10 minutes before was it sunny and warm; in fact I almost left to go up to the State Park to shoot some more images today – that’s … Read more

So that’s what it would look like!

I’ve been reading a lot of science journals lately and some undergrads at MIT have been working on a security system based on an individuals DNA structure…. no. Not really. But I do watch Sci-Fi. I turned on the TV to watch Eureka this evening and about half way through I was treated to this … Read more

Graffiti anything – living, inanimate or even fungus….

I have been trying to drag my carcass out of the house more often to go for walks, since it’s about the only thing I can do these days, yeah… Kenpo is still out since my transplant. Any ways, I tend to drag the boys with me since they run, and Dylan tends to be … Read more

300: good movie based on a so-so Graphic Novel

Several weeks ago I ordered the 300 Graphic Novel since I enjoyed the movie so much, and it was really quite the let-down. The writing was horrid, I mean it’s not like the movie was a masterpiece, but geeez – my kid coulda’ done better. Naturally there were the one-liners and quips from the movie … Read more

Full Screen Flash with scrollbars

One of my recent projects involves developing a full screen Flash site that is of abnormal size, possibly requiring the user to scroll to view the entire site. This started out to be a bit of a conundrum, and didn’t readily avail itself to an other than lame solution. I started diving into using JavaScript … Read more

I had to, I added my mullet….

I was first launched off on a tangent a couple of weeks ago  to add a tag cloud to my Flogging English, though after a few crashes and getting my .htaccess file fatched up, I bagged it. After getting an email today – I reconsidered. MY iTunes For those of you who haven’t seen it, … Read more

Get off the web & step away from the Mac

Whatever you sayTurn on the boob tube I’m in the mood to obey A few days ago I received an email letting me know that the latest version of iWork has been released, and according to Steve and the gang I should go and buy it. Being the good consumer, I actually considered. I was … Read more

The internet is what?!

I ran across this site today while scanning some tag feeds from del.icio.us, and I can’t say that I totally agree with it or disagree either. It’s really easy to sit to the side and claim a fact, and it’s another to have it supported by more than the mere conjecture rallied against in ones … Read more

If it weren’t so ridiculous it would be funny

Every day it seems, someone new crawls from underneath some stone and proclaims himself an expert, simultaneously declaring that new studies have shown something that was once good for you is bad, or what was bad yesterday is good today. It’s no wonder no one bothers to listen to the Surgeon General when new statements … Read more

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