Everyone loves a parade, and fireworks!

Tonight in honor of Zippo being in business for 75 years, there was a parade and fireworks show right through downtown Bradford. Both shows were very well down (and I’m biased), but just ask Donovan, he had a great time and I think Brent made a new friend tonight – I know Peggy did with … Read more

Failure is an option; in fact it costs extra….

In general computers aren’t inexpensive, compared when the first IBM XT first made a home for itself in our living room back in the day, they are down-right free, but it’s still far too easy to pay $1,000 for a good desktop machine. So why is it that in order for us to get this … Read more

The Book of Deviants

This is another great micro-site. I found this after seeing another of the Scion Little Deviants commercial, and remembering to go and see what else they had out here to go along with this rather twisted little campaign they have themselves. So it’s a little creepy, and the Deviants are quite…. hungry? But it’s still … Read more

If it’s worth doing; it’s worth doing right

"Just because I don’t care, doesn’t mean I don’t understand." — Homer Simpson I’m working on getting my Bronco set to pass PA inspection so I can start driving it again, and I keep running into various ridiculously retarded hack job inflicted upon my rig. Wires cut just inside the firewall and left dangling, red … Read more

Your digital self image

There has been a lot of talk lately about what you learned about software while not in college, or what you learned about software in college and  what life skills best have benefited your software the most, with other articles, blog posts and ideas I have been kicking around for a while now – it … Read more

Holy fish fight Batman!

We met some friends today at Docksider’s Cafe along the Kinzua Reservoir for dinner and antagonizing the fish and ducks around the marina. What a riot! I have never seen such chaos of scraps of bread, chips and even dog food in my life. 13 puppies don’t go to these lengths to get their food … Read more

Interactive Bridge – The London Design Festival

Last year’s London Design Festival some some pretty amazing things, and I will eagerly anticipate this year’s September showing to see what new creations are unleashed upon society. Realizing all too well I am about a year late on this, but in my defense I had a lot going on over the past couple of … Read more

Hocking Hills Ohio; Rocks & Water – What’s not to like?

First I have to send out some love to me Ma – thanks for the weekend getaway! You’re awesome! If you have never heard of this place, use The Google. And if you have, and have never been? Go! Now. Drop your Ho Hos, put down the remote and go. This has to be one … Read more

Not Nestle, but just as sweet

One of my cohorts has dusted off his old IBM keyboard and clacked his way into the blogoshpere, with Crunchlife. Powered by Typo, it’s been splattered with AJAX, Ruby, ample helpings of Social Networking and even a bit of pre-launch gib. Sooner or later his site might catch up to mine with lots of helpful … Read more

Clearly the best movie I have seen in a year!

I just got home from the most fantastic movie I have seen in a year, maybe more. Transformers could beat everything I have seen hands down since The Lord of the Rings trilogy ended. Michael Bay destroyed every reservation I might have had about a live action Transformers and brought them all to life – … Read more

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