The running of the hose…..

I broke out the pool today and we started filling it up, and as one could easily imagine – things went into crazyland on the express. The boys were running around slipping and falling flat, sometimes face first into 2 inches of water. It’s always this way though. Especially since last year with Litsa and … Read more

Toys, toys toys toys…..

I don’t know what to say… no, not true. I do. YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE I’ve been on a little spending spree as of late, of which I am the direct recipient of. w00t! MacBook Pro This thing is amazing! Flat out. Hands down the very best computer I have ever purchased, I would almost say that I … Read more

How do you know you live in BFE?

Well, I can tell you at least one way. It takes Verizon more than 3 days to get your phone cable fixed! I don’t know how many folks in our neck of the woods are living sans phone/DSL, but I haven’t had it since sometime last Sunday evening. – I’m not sure when. I woke … Read more