It just keeps gettin’ better!

I just downloaded and installed Beryl on my Ubuntu desktop and OMFG! Is it cool! The window effects, the zoom, focus and not to mention the 3D desktop cube – you have to see it to really appreciate it! Br4x had been telling me about it, and it sounded cool from what I had read … Read more

Why I keep coming back to Ubuntu

Every so often something will happen with my desktop that I need to rebuild it. Maybe I get a new SATA drive that’s faster, so I make it my new boot drive, or I build up a new desktop or whatever, XP just gets fat and slow and needs to be reinstalled (you know you … Read more

The Bronco is almost running again….

Ya know, when I bought the damned thing it ran fine – made it all the way home from Philly with no problem – it was a long drive mind you – but we made it. Thanks to Jcal for driving the Jetta home. Any way, so I start pissing around with the little stuff … Read more

Adobe Creative Suite 3 – sweet manna from heaven

I have to say that when I first discovered the news that Adobe was going to acquire Macromedia – my heart skipped a few beats. I mean, they already had GoLive (which is a POS), and with how poorly the last version of the Acrobat plugin performed I thought for sure my favorite development platform … Read more

the iPaq RX-4240 ~ h4xx0r companion

Driving home from work today I stumbled on to a lot of somethings that made me laugh out loud over the beeping of my little friend. I decided to drop some tunes on my iPaq Media Companion so I could see how it worked with my ever-so-high tech tape deck player – and what to … Read more

My new friends: OS X, HP, iCal & Google

I have been playing around with a bunch of news toys lately, and I have really become attached to my little iBook. OS X is sweet, it’s a fun little diversion from windows. My latest things is handheld devices, and designing the web to fit them. It is quite astounding really how many sites completely … Read more

Another day in the neighborhood

They’ve poisoned the watering hole! We were outside eating dinner tonight since it was such a gorgeous afternoon – and I managed to catch this just before Donovan shoved his water at me asking why there was a little bug in it and could I see it. I’m not sure how high the temperature finally … Read more

Spidey Rules; other peoples kids do not….

Litsa and I just got back from Spiderman 3 and I have to say it was another excellent job by Sam. Yeah, Bruce was good too…. The movie was great, I really enjoyed it. The introduction of Sandman and Venom were quite well down, and inserted nicely into the storyline which was jam-packed. I was … Read more

Photoshop can teach you a new trick every day

I was stopped by a co-worker today, Donny asking me about a Photoshop tool – the lasso. What he was wondering if there was a way to undo a stop in the selection path when holding the <alt> key to make a straight line selection. I hadn’t ever heard of one and I have been … Read more

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