Fun with Office 2007

So I decided I would upgrade my work machine to Office 2007 today. Boy, that was a great idea. First off, I should have known not to upgrade, but to perform a clean install. Right off the bat upon launching Outlook I started having problems. It would crash if I closed it. It would crash … Read more

Shutting down Windows Home Server

For the past week or so I have been grappling with Windows Home Server and the general errors that have been occurring, and cropping up. Now the standoff is over; and I’m not sure who won…. Here’s the short story: high CPU utilizing (near 100% – effectively crippling the machine) problems with adding and removing … Read more

A decade old, and thousands of miles….

It finally happened. My coveted TNT Titanium hubs for my mountain bike have died. The front self-destructed sometime last week while I slept, and blew apart in the basement. I guess 4 frames, 2 rims, rides in 4 states across thousands of miles have finally taken their toll, and the little guy just couldn’t keep … Read more