RIP – After 60 years Captain America is snuffed out by Marvel

The y finally did it. One of the finest mere mortals to ever grace the Marvel Universe is dead. Captain America was killed just as he was about to pay the piper for defying the US Government – well at least in the comic. Say what you want about comic books and the folks who … Read more

New OS, new mouse, new fun….

I just upgraded to Tiger (OS X 10.4), and I like it! The built-in tools are sweet and the overall the OS is awesome. I had forgotten how much I like this OS and how much it makes Windows suck. I also bought a small USB wireless mouse from TigerDirect, and it’s nice. The new … Read more

Dude, you’re gettin’ a Mac!

Sans the Mary Jane. Actually I already have it, so I guess it should be "Dude, I got a Mac!", but then it wouldn’t be an accurate play on the old Dell ads would it? Any way…. It’s a PowerPC G3 iBook I bought off eBay for around $300, and it’s pretty swank. I have … Read more

USPS Jedi Master I’m not sure what this is all about, but this is one cool mailbox. This R2-D2 Mailbox is in San Francisco some place, I’m not exactly sure where though, it puzzles me as to the relationship of the post office and Star Wars, most likely; a series of limited edition stamps set. This would … Read more

It’s a good day to be a fake doctor!

I know it seems as if I have Windows Home Server on the brain, but in fact it just seems to be hitting me in the face ever since I received my Beta 2 kit the other day in the mail. I just stumbled upon, and this is another great example of a superb … Read more

As promised, more Windows Home Server action

I just couldn’t wait and had to make Dylan sit up in the office playing with some of my toys whilst I installed Home Server on my old machine. I’m not going to run off at the mouth on the home page for this one, but I have started my initial thoughts and impressions in … Read more

Windows Home Server: The Arrival

I just opened the mailbox, and what to my wondering eyes should appear? Besides it being partially full of snow plow snow? MAIL! Of course, and my Windows Home Server Beta kit! w00t! w00t! I was just thinking about downloading the ISO files, but alas, MS has beat me to it, and delivered the goods. … Read more

Death to the printed picture

I have never in my life seen a single baby so dedicated to the utter destruction of a single, non-offending object as this one on our way to Pittsburgh on Sunday. I do not know why the photo offended him so, but he was hell-bent to inflict untold carnage unto it. And he succeeded. It … Read more

The Last Mimzy  This is an awesome website with a ton of functionality. I can't count how many movie sites I have been to recently that look nice and do nothing, it's like The Wreckers song: Stand still and look pretty Heres to hoping that the movie doesn't fall short of the impression that the website has … Read more

So long Ubuntu, I hardly knew ye….

I just got my invitation for the Microsoft Windows Home Server beta today, so I ordered my DVD and away I will go. I could have downloaded the whole 1.75gb of data, but I didn’t feel like giving that a go today (read: lazy), so I shelled out the 10 clams for the DVD – … Read more

Sony marketing misses the mark in US

Lame. Lame. Lame. Lame. LAME! This is the second time that Sony has arbitrarily decided that Americans are not vain enough to want various colors in their electronic products, and left the color variations to only Japanese consumers. First, they started offering the little pocket cameras like the DSC-T5 in only Black or Silver (with … Read more

There should be a stupid tax

About 5 months ago I was reading about The Mess on Everest in Outside magazine, and it really sent me for a loop as to how damned stupid people (and at times, Magazines) can be. Being that I am way behind on a lot of the magazines I get, I was looking through the November … Read more

Microsoft should be in trouble

If people weren’t so afraid of change, the unknown and having to learn something new Microsoft would be in a world of hurt in the world of low to mid range PCs. Linux would overtake them in a heartbeat. Ubuntu is so impossibly simple to install, that you almost have to try to screw it … Read more

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