Nicolas Cage is a busy boy

Nic Cage is starring in another movie, set to release in April; Next. After watching the trailer in HD on Quicktime I think it will be a good, or at least entertaining movie. Here is the synopsis from the very low content web site: Las Vegas showroom magician Cris Johnson has a secret which is … Read more

CompUSA – Are ya poopin?

The short answer? Yup. According to this news article, 126 stores are being excised from the hemhoraging company in order to either save it or reduce it’s loses when they are ditched altogether. Either way it’s no great lose. They’re prices couldn’t touch those online, and the store in Buffalo NY (which is no longer … Read more

How to lose 12 Billion in cash.

1. Get President Bush to think it’s a "grand idear". 2. Parse out 12 Billion dollars into 100 dollar bills.3. Load 1.2 million 100 dollar bills onto wooden pallets.4. Transport said pallets on a C-130 cargo plane to Iraq.5. Allow a scattered an unstructured Governing body to handle the money with no supervision. Yeah, we … Read more

Another gadget for the toolkit.

I finally broke down and bought a cell phone on Monday, since I will be doing so much traveling back and forth to Pittsburgh over the next year, Litsa and I decided to go with a dual line plan, and signed me up. Naturally, I couldn’t just get the bargain basement phone, so I bought … Read more

Bradford on my mind

I’m goin’ home, I’m goin’ home I’m goin’ home, I’m goin’ home I’m goin’ home, bome, bome, bome-bome-bome, Home, bome, bome, bome, back home Yes, I am Check for the full meal deal……