The Astronaut Farmer

I ran across this trailer on Quicktime trailers today, and The Astronaut Farmer really looks like an excellent movie. Billy Bob Thorton plays a former Air Force pilot who had to leave NASA to tend to his family, and begins to build a rocket in his barn. Naturally the Government gets wind of it and … Read more

Spiderman on the brain

Spiderman 3 is still just a bit more than 3 months away, and in true consumer-frenzy inducing fashion, Sony Pictures has completed a major upgrade to their website. If you haven’t been there as of late go – it’s super cool. It’s really a great site in fact, and it has large amounts of new … Read more

Ahhhh…. computers…….

If I were inclined to such things, and physically able, I would be doing the happy dance right now as Jeremy and Amanda came out to Pitt today for a visit and brought a computer from work. It was really good to see friends after so many weeks of just being with Doctors, Nurses, and … Read more

Updaticus shorticus

Gah – I hate old computers! New ones too, in fact. Ooops. Digressing…. I’m doing well, and since I am just about ready to go back to sleep, no repeating of the postings. Check out for the latest info.

No the Silver Surfer is not “that” cool

Hello to all who read Flogging English! Some of you may be wondering where our writer has gone. Well he is currently at UPMC recovering from a liver transplant. He is doing very well, if you ask his doctors. OK, if you ask me, and totally crappy if you were to ask him. As he … Read more

The Silver Surfer is back……..

I know I am way behind the power curve on this one, but OMFG! This movie looks like it’s going to be cool as hell! The Silver Surfer? You have got to shitting me! I never would have thought they would even try it, I mean come on! He’s a metallic silver man – hello … Read more

Props to Grandma…

I guess it was just a matter of time until I found a good use for some of the goony toys that the kids get from Grandma…. This is a result of the whole fam-damnily playing with these two LED spinning, noise makers the kids got from "Santa" this year. It’s 4  exposures layered up … Read more

The joys of Linux

Off and on now for about a year I have been geeking out with Ubuntu as a dual boot on my machine. It’s been an interesting diversion, and now I am finally making some progress into figuring out how to get things loaded into my system. The thing that has continued to irritate and frustrate … Read more

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