The Astronaut Farmer

I ran across this trailer on Quicktime trailers today, and The Astronaut Farmer really looks like an excellent movie. Billy Bob Thorton plays a former Air Force pilot who had to leave NASA to tend to his family, and begins to build a rocket in his barn. Naturally the Government gets wind of it and … Read more

Ahhhh…. computers…….

If I were inclined to such things, and physically able, I would be doing the happy dance right now as Jeremy and Amanda came out to Pitt today for a visit and brought a computer from work. It was really good to see friends after so many weeks of just being with Doctors, Nurses, and … Read more

Updaticus shorticus

Gah – I hate old computers! New ones too, in fact. Ooops. Digressing…. I’m doing well, and since I am just about ready to go back to sleep, no repeating of the postings. Check out for the latest info.