Thanksgiving in the Capitol….

Since some of the family was going to be out our way, and some already live in Bethesda, we decided to join the party and head to DC for the long weekend. I have to tell you, the drive; not a lot of fun – the weekend? Was great. We hit the road around 1:30 … Read more

It’s good to be king

Papa Roach, (hed) p.e. & Stealing December tear down Mr Small’s Last night Jeremy, Amanda and I went to the Zippo Hot Tour show in Pittsburgh (actually Millvale – but Pittsburgh is a bit more accurate), and I have to say it was awesome. Being the trio of coolness that we are, we got the … Read more

Software Development: Who actually gets it right?

With so many articles floating around the web, so many sites, blogs, eNewsletters, etc, dedicated to Development and best practices; how is it that there is so much horrible software developed? If everyone knows what not to do, and can easily identify a project that will be laced with scope creep from 20 paces, why … Read more

Zune player available today – let the idiocy ensue

I was going to open with a beautiful product shot of the electro-turd itself (turd only because the Brown color, which I would probably buy – but it is kinda ugly), maybe even in action, but after reading an article and seeing this photo on flickr, I decided that this was meant to be. What’s … Read more

Sci-fi Banana fruit

The other day at the Grocery Store, Donovan saw this poised defiantly on the shelf and wanted to try it – so, being the ever-adventurous Papa I am – said: Sure, what the heck – it’s only $4 bucks Any way, so we get this edible puffer fish looking thing home, dice it up, plop … Read more

175 days, 15 minutes and 16 seconds to go…..

Spiderman is the best damned Super Hero ever! I don’t care what anyone has to say on this matter. Unless it goes something like: Spiderman is the best damned super hero ever! You are wrong. So, in case you are new here, Spiderman 3 is set to release next May and tonight just after CSI, … Read more

More ice skating in hell [with MySpace]!

I have made another design change to my MySpace profile to be more in line with Flogging English. I am still running into aspects I would really like to do; like rounded corners on the tables, but can’t – well, because I’m trapped in the Hell of Nested Tables. This version is designated 4, but … Read more

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