I like the cat – but she’s just not smart

Last Friday morning, the wife supposedly let the cat out of the bag, and into the backyard for the usual daily attack on nature. All seemed fine and life goes on. Saturday rolls by, then Sunday… but wait? Where’s the cat? Momo (so named for a small, winged, Lemur) does not appear to be fed … Read more

You must be freakin’ kidding me

I just finished reading through the September issue of Outside magazine. It states in big-arse type on the cover   The mess on EverestFollowing the deadliest climbing season since "Into thin air," (1996)….   And goes on the editorialize and investigate allegations of careless guides and ill-equipped clients and weighs in on the circus like … Read more

Just when I was about to scream foul….

I was just flippin’ through an issue of Computer Gaming World thinking that it was just lame. Wondering exactly what force of nature made me think it was a good idea to shell out some cash on this worthless scrap pile of paper and ink…. Then I was reminded. Reading Gaming for Dummies by Jeff … Read more

Da na na na na na na naaaaaa… Batman!

Okay, so the cheesy grin harkens back to the Val Kilmer days of Batman, but so what. Thanks Grandma for the Batman PJs, as you can see they are a hit. Well almost 100%. For some strange reason Dylan starts to get upset if you do the dananananananananana Batman… thing from the old cornball TV … Read more

Apple takes aim at your life – and you like it!

All Apple/Mac fanboy garbage aside, it’s pretty simple to see that Apple wants to assimilate you into the collective. They are launching more lifestyle oriented products from their California based technological trebuchet than Tiger Directs spam engine. Announced today: Movies on iTunes Games for the iPod (iTunes) new iPod Shuffle Revamped (and 8gb) iPod Nano … Read more

So long to the Crocodile Hunter – Steve Irwin

Just before dinner tonight, the wife ran across a posting about the death of Steve Irwin. Initially, it was sort of like when I heard that Dale Earnhardt had hit the wall and died – no way, can’t be true… Then part of me was thinking, well, he did spend a lot of time in … Read more

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