My biggest goes to school, and gets in the paper to boot!

I can’t believe it! 5. He’s 5 and going to school… where did my goony little boy go who used to flap his arms when he got excited? How is it that the older you get, the faster time goes by? What the hell is that all about? Anyway, this is quintessential Donovan. Typical goofy … Read more

Burning Man – Flamed by public deluge….

I’ve heard about Burning Man since I was about 24 years when I worked with Matto at Pro Photo Supply, but it seems the time has come that it is entirely too main-stream. I have never been. About 8 years ago or so I wanted to go, but I am not of that scene really. … Read more

Musical blast from the past

I just finished watching Invincible with Mark Wahlberg. First off, this is a great movie and I highly recommend anyone to see it. It’s PG, so take the kids and have a good time. Wahlberg does a great job, and for the most part it is an accurate representation of Papale and his time spent … Read more

.crit ready for submissions

I finally have my critique site up, and ready for submissions. .crit is well on its way out of beta. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch – but it’s up and running. For a bit of background on what the site is and what it’s all about, .crit is a web site critique site for folks … Read more

How not to design a website

This is a one-step tutorial. This website is by far, hands down, the worst site I have seen in months for a photographer – or anyone else for that matter. Nothing shows on the home page except a Grey Poupon Yellow screen with some text, once you click on a link you have to … Read more

Web Standards – the Right way & the Easy way

This is still the catch phrase of the year – Web Standards. Everyone is talking about it, lots of folks are developing to this ideology – and yet, why is it so hard to do? You can’t have an article, blog post or discussion about Standards or Tableless Design without some Standardista or Web Relic … Read more

That’s right… Snakes… on a Plane!

Go see Snakes on a Plane, I know that sounds crazy, but I don’t give a damn. Even better, get a call from Sam himself telling you or some other knucklehead to go see the movie. I ran across this the other day whilst hangin with me bro – and sent it to about 4 … Read more

Hahahaha I’m on vacation!

So in case anyone cares or has noticed – I haven’t been posting because I am on vacation. I just got back to Portland from Whistler Mountain Resort – it was awesome! If you haven’t gone. Go! This isn’t my photo – I would upload something, and you would think a techno-geek like would, but … Read more

Mozpod rocks my iPod!

I’ve been really trying lately to keep away from a ton of Microsoft tools at home, so I can lessen my computer budget and concentrate more on spending money on important stuff…. Anyway, I just found this swank little Thunderbird extension called Mozpod. And it is sweet. Created by Robert Accettura, it allows you to … Read more

Aptana vs. Dreamweaver – close, but not quite.

Anymore, you can’t have a release of some new device or some software application that isn’t labeled as a killer. This isn’t any different. I ran across this a week or so ago on Digg, titled – Dreamweaver Killer: Cross Platform Open Source (Javascript, HTML, CSS) IDE – which couldn’t be further from the truth. … Read more

SharePoint Portal and my left arm

I’ve been working quite extensively over the last several months with Microsoft SharePoint Portal and services, and let me tell you how much fun I am having…. It’s really pretty crazy. It’s a phenomenal product, has features out the wazzoo, capable of leaping tall racks in a single query – but why in the hell … Read more

To the jerk who stole my Sony DigiCam…

PhuX0R J00!!! I’ve been stewin’ on this for a few days now, and it still really pisses me off.  Some babble-headed dipstick ran off with my Sony DSC-T5 whilst the wife was on vacation with it. The location of it is what really burns my butt; at a family camp. Yeah. Nice. This is exactly … Read more

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