Musical blast from the past

I just finished watching Invincible with Mark Wahlberg. First off, this is a great movie and I highly recommend anyone to see it. It’s PG, so take the kids and have a good time. Wahlberg does a great job, and for the most part it is an accurate representation of Papale and his time spent … Read more

.crit ready for submissions

I finally have my critique site up, and ready for submissions. .crit is well on its way out of beta. Okay, maybe that’s a stretch – but it’s up and running. For a bit of background on what the site is and what it’s all about, .crit is a web site critique site for folks … Read more

How not to design a website

This is a one-step tutorial. This website is by far, hands down, the worst site I have seen in months for a photographer – or anyone else for that matter. Nothing shows on the home page except a Grey Poupon Yellow screen with some text, once you click on a link you have to … Read more

Hahahaha I’m on vacation!

So in case anyone cares or has noticed – I haven’t been posting because I am on vacation. I just got back to Portland from Whistler Mountain Resort – it was awesome! If you haven’t gone. Go! This isn’t my photo – I would upload something, and you would think a techno-geek like would, but … Read more

Mozpod rocks my iPod!

I’ve been really trying lately to keep away from a ton of Microsoft tools at home, so I can lessen my computer budget and concentrate more on spending money on important stuff…. Anyway, I just found this swank little Thunderbird extension called Mozpod. And it is sweet. Created by Robert Accettura, it allows you to … Read more