New hinderance in the fight against Zippo Collecting.

For those of us that have a problem with wanting to collect many things ( a rolling stone I am not), Zippo has just come out with a new weapon to assault the wallets of Zippo Lighter Collectors everywhere. just popped onto the intarweb a few days ago, and now offers Zippo lighters to … Read more

Cancel your AOL account? It’s easier to reanimate the dead….

I can’t believe this made it from Digg, to the news with Matt Lauer. This dude by the name of Vincent Ferrari tries to cancel his account and gets a crap storm shot over the phone at him by the complete jerk-tard at AOL. It’s crazy. I had a tough time canceling the one for … Read more

Bad news from Lego

This really bums me out. I just read this article about Lego having to lay off 1,200 folks over the next 3 years and they will be closing their US facility. I know it has to be really hard on them to stay competitive in a world of DVD players and Gameboys, but come on! … Read more

A word (or two) from Senator Santorum

Never in a million years would I have thought that sending a flaming email of malcontent to a US Senator would yield a response. Never mind a response which was actually  articulated to that email, indicating that someone in Senator Santorums office read it. This is in response to the VA idiots letting my personal … Read more

Cabelas has its own freeway exit…

That’s how you know when your store has hit the big time. When you get your own exit on the freeway. I kid you not. Exit #10 on Hwy. 70 in West Virginia. It dumps you right on to Cabelas Drive, which is (strangely enough) the way to get to this massive store. I should … Read more

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