Identity theft is the result of complete idiocy.

That’s right. I said it. If you are the victim of a stolen identity, there is a 95% chance that it is the result of a seriously idiotic, brain-dead, maneuver. Yeah but you know what the catch is? Chances are high that it’s not your fault. 4 days ago and 2 weeks after it happened, … Read more

The smoke & mirrors of Corporate loyalty

You hear about it more and more, and it doesn’t surprise anyone more… a company decides to downsize, laying off senior employees and keeping the chum to take up the slack. It just happened to a friend of mine and it pisses me off. They kick the long-term employees who have been with the company … Read more

High Dynamic Range photography – HDR

I started playing around with HDR photography a bit, and it’s interesting what gets picked up and some of the tools that interface with Photoshop. It’s pretty flippin cool. The image shot here on the right, was made up from 5 separate images, shot at 1 stop intervals from 0. I did not use the … Read more

Never stick your face in a vacuum…

No matter whom tells you it’s a good idea. I was watching Mythbusters yesterday with the boys, and they were trying to build a jet out of a vacuum. hehe, didn’t really work, but it was sorta funny to watch em’ try. Anyway. So I snapped this shot from a flash back from when Adam … Read more

Now you can shave those pesky….

Every now and again, something comes along that is funny as hell, clever, and well… spot on. The Philips Body Groom is a pretty slick little shaver, probably better than my current beard trimmer too – but if you look at their site; the beard, is not the fuzz they are talkin about turning into … Read more

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