Why did I have kids again?

So you think you have it bad eh? Try living here, around the Aral Sea.  I was just watching something on the Discovery Channel (most likely) about how the Russian Government in its hay-day really screwed this up. Check the Wiki site, it’s really something. I must say though, I have seen some of the … Read more

It’s all in the details

Code name Jason It cracks me up, computer geeks… err… programmers have a wierd sense of humor and the folks at Adobe aren’t any different. Today I was privvy to a glimpse of Illustrator CS3, or code name Jason. It even came complete with a set of Harlequin masks styled after the jason hockey masks … Read more

Flash in the Can

It’s good to get away once in a while. It’s even better to get to hang out with industry experts and visionaries talking about something you love. In this case it is Flash. I love Flash. That’s why I drove up to Toronto today to Flash in the Can. So far, I’m having an awesome … Read more

Spiderman 3 wallpaper

It’s no secret that I am a big Spiderman junkie… Spiderman is awesome! What’s not to like? Normal Joe gets superpowers and struggles with them his entire life while trying to do what’s right and have a life at the same time… He’s not Superman (big time fan of the Man of Steel). He’s not … Read more

I have to see a guy about a Mac

It’s funny in a sort of Pavlovian sort of way….     I’ve been thinking that I am going to no longer be of the PC toting Neanderthal market and make the big leap over to the Apple side of the street. WTF?! Yurp. You heard it right. I know, I’m sort of shocked too. … Read more

Flickr takes over the world

Well, okay maybe not really – but it will be the recipient of all of my photos for my blog gallery from now on. I like the gallery software that I installed here, and in fact, if I cared at all if folks viewed the images on my site or on Flickr, I might actually … Read more

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