On Search Engine Optimization

There’s a lot of talk about SEO lately, and a ton of information posted all over the intarweb about how to best increase your search engine rankings – mostly with Google – but others as well. So what have I discovered? That it’s pretty damned ambiguous. Yes, there are very specific things you can do … Read more

The good ol’ days…

t’s funny what goes through your mind at times isn’t it? How time always makes some things seem like they were just the bee’s knees. Take, for instance, February in Oregon. More specifically, a cold, rainy, dark, sunless day wading through thigh deep water (that is swiftly moving by the way) with run-off smacking you in the grape, all the while trying to find a picture in the madness of being trapped in a 30ft wide, 250ft tall box canyon. Sounds like fun doesn’t it?