Time to Flake out on the intarweb

Pageflakes is an AJAX based home page site that allows drag and drop on the fly customization of what content you want to have smack you in the noggin every time you open you favorite web browser (Firefox).

Wufoo – not an ancient Chinese fighting style…

This is really cool. I love new web apps. I’m not exactly sure where wufoo comes from.. scratch that – I have no idea where wufoo comes from – but it one of the coolest things I have seen around in a bit. I have kicked this idea around for a while now. No really, … Read more

The gadget freak wants a new toy…

We know what Origami is right? the art of paper-folding…Well maybe not anymore. I ran across this just a little bit ago and I must say that I am very intrigued by this little video on Digital Kitchen’s website. If you hit their site, and check out the work section, go to BrandTheatre, and tag … Read more

Desktop Earth wallpaper generator

This is pretty damned amazing! Go to codefromthe70s.org and check Desktop Earth. Do it! NOW! It’s pretty cool. Unbelievable actually. The quality and sharpness of the image it generates is outstanding, and the fact that you can select which region to center on, and select the day and time to generate the desktop image… well … Read more

New photo gallery

I added a n new Dynamic Photo Gallery to help me keep up to date with all the photos of the kids, so check it out. Flogging English Photo Gallery You can do a ton of stuff here, and you must have my permission to log in/register. It’s pretty sweet. You can comment, rate it, … Read more

This is what happens when you feed your kids

The set-up It’s like 7:30 in the morning. Dylan and Donovan have just consumed some food – waffles to be exact. Notice the conspicuous absence of the eldest… Any way, enter Dylan – supercharged and ready to face the world. Keep in my as you watch this, he did this for almost 20 minutes… I … Read more

The NRA goes too far, and looks to get shot down.

To quote Peter Hamm, spokesman for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence; I don’t know what the NRA is smoking… The NRA wishes to make it a law that employers must allow employees to come to work packin’ heat, and keep it locked in their car. Standing, yet again, behind the Constitution with clenched … Read more

12 year old drummer – John Bonham reincarnated?

This kid is absolutely insane! I have been going to concerts for almost 20 years now. I have seen probably in the area of 150 bands play live – at 75 or so concerts. And I have never, ever, in my 33 years seen or heard anything like this kid. EVER! His name is Tony … Read more

All your bills are belong to us.

What happened to getting a fair shake, and value in buying a well made product for a reasonable price? It seems like the majority of major corporations are no longer trying to entice people to buy and/or use theirs products by creating something of intrinsic value and of high quality. Instead, they would rather coerce … Read more

Getting back to photography…

Just yesterday I was a guest speaker for a local Photography club, the Niagara Frontier Regional Camera Club; and I covered a basic intro to Large Format Photography. It was an interesting and enjoyable experience, I met some very nice folks, excellent photographers and hopefully found another way to meet new people and find some … Read more

Nick Fury was defiled, and I didn’t even know it!

OMG! Ignorance is indeed bliss. My life was far, far, better never knowing that the eternal nimrod David Hasselhoff did his best (and worst) to destroy a very well-respected bad-ass in the Marvel comic universe. The Nick Fury: Agent of Shield movie simply has to be the biggest POS I have ever had the unfortunate … Read more

SuitSat deployed 3 hours 26 minutes ago!

Straight from suitsat.org: I’m afraid the prospects for SuitSat are looking very poor, one of the stations reporting a barely detectable carrier is using large steerable antennas and a preamp, the signal should have been MUCH stronger than this.I’m not giving up hope just yet! I need to find a police scanner or ham radio … Read more

SuitSat update.

So, according to JPASS, SuitSat and the ISS will be over my head on February 9th, from 7:36am to about 7:50 am. Now assuming this things launches on the 3rd, and stays alive for 6 more days, then I might be able to actually hear it – I’m not holding my breath. But just the … Read more

Amazing Aurora imaging

This is pretty damned amazing! This image (captured by the IMAGE satellite) is an enhanced image of the Aurora over the southern pole. It’s enhanced, because you really wouldn’t have been able to see much of anything due to the fact that it was in the ultraviolet spectrum. There is a video as well, and … Read more

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