Oooh! I know! Let’s use a Space Suit as a satellite!

Okay. So now I have heard/seen it all. Someone, is actually going to make a low-cost Satellite using an old space suit.  Absolutely hilarious. Pretty cool too! I guess it’s just simply someones interesting idea, to see if it’s even possible; turned into reality. Man, those crazy rocket scientists! They do the damnedest things with … Read more

Google defies Bush Circus demands for search engine queries

It’s nice to see a company that is willing to stand up for what they believe in, even in the face of the very self-righteous administration currently governing our nation. Rebuffing the Bush administration’s demands for information gathered from Google users, and sticking their own necks out for what they believe in; do no evil. … Read more

Got culpability?

I have been waiting for this crop up, and quite frankly I’m surprised it hasn’t. Well, maybe it has, but in true journalistic disregard I will forge ahead. I mean, come on – if I haven’t heard about it means it ain’t true right? Oops. Gettin’ off track. A group of students from UMass are … Read more

It’s safe to say, someone likes Bananas.

I’m not exactly sure how something like this happens… Wouldn’t you think that the Mints would have rules and safe guards against the goony operators eating food and the like around the presses? It’s pretty impressive that it happened. What’s more, the fact that it recently sold at auction (eBay naturally) for $10,000. Here is … Read more

Optimus Keyboard February 1st!

OMG! The keyboard is coming! The keyboard is coming! I don’t know what I am going to have to sell in order to buy this keyboard, but rest assured I will be having mine! I originally posted this a while ago, but I have found the update to the actual release date now _ and … Read more

Thank you to everyone for NOT getting me the Lego Mindstorms kit!

So I know, you think I would be kidding about this, but alas – I am not. I’m dead serious! The new Mindstorms NXT was officially announced recently, and it is amazing! And I want one! They won’t be available for a while yet; with a release date of sometime in August – this should … Read more

Get a kick out of Koo?

Funny logo – interesting proposition. The only flaw I see with this is that Linux isn’t all that easy to use, and there isn’t a ton of software available for folks who might want to switch to Linux. I mean, come on – there is no way I could expect my Dad to go to … Read more

Hold the Flag high…

I was going to wait to post this one on a more Patriotic occasion, but I just couldn’t wait. I had taken the flags down on a particularly blustery day, and never put them back up. Dylan decided he was going to grab ol’ glory and wave her around – no prompting mind you. He … Read more

I guess Lifetime needs a bit more doh!

This is great. I love it when companies get all uppity and then get the smack-down put on them. How the hell can they justify a 70% rate hike? It’s not like I really care anyway, since the Lifetime Network is just another useless station I pay for with my Dish. I wonder what makes … Read more

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