Planetary Photojournal

I just ran across this website (Planetary Photojournal) just a little bit ago, and Holy Cow, are there some wonderful image son there. That is where I retreived this beauty of Saturn. With thousands of images on all of the planets, and information on the equipment used to make the images – there is a … Read more

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all! I’m sorry, but I’m not sayin’ Happy Holidays one more time. It’s Christmas. And here are some random photos to ring in the day….       Come to find out, if I pause my DVR, and change the channel to a music channel – the image stays behind the song … Read more

It’s not every day you find 20 Dodos in a hole.

Recently, a mass grave of Dodos was discovered on the island of Mauritius. A team of Dutch and Mauritian scientists discovered the 20 skeletons, and are hoping to discover more information as to the life of the Dodo. Several other articles are linked to from that article page, providing a bit more insight into the … Read more

Mel Gibson is off his nut!

So, I’m not exactly sure what the deal is with this new movie. I’ve watched the trailer, and the teaser – but Mel’s vision escapes me. What doesn’t escape me is that this guy has spent too much time suckin’ the juice from fermented kiwis. Go out to and watch the trailer. Then when … Read more

A holiday message from Br4X

So we were playing some games a couple of weeks ago, Halo, and XIII to be specific. And after a couple of rousing rounds of invisible opponents with rocket launchers, good ol’ Br4x decides to give us all a message. I took me a sec’ to figure out just what in the name of Sam … Read more

Massive Star Wars Lego – bidding sits @ over 13k!

See. Now whodathunkit? This is amazing. If the fact that this Lego creation itself is a work of immense proportions. A Rebel Attack Cruiser from Episode III, over 8ft long and 150lbs. HUGE!!!! If that wasn’t enough to make your brain sizzle, the thing is on eBay right now and it’s currently bid up to … Read more

A bunch of flaming retards!

This article proves without a shadow of a doubt, that our government is retarded. it also goes to show how little they are actually investing into our county’s safety. I’m not going to muck this glorious piece of work up with too many words. This will probably get me on the watch list.

Holy Nomura’s Jellyfish Sponge Bob!

You have got to be kidding me! These things are bobbin’ around Japan right now! They say it weighs in at 400lbs! Here’s the full article. Apparently, this is actually a big problem right now. Enormous smacks have invaded the local waters and are messing with the fishing industry hard core. They are planning a jellyfish summit … Read more

Lego gets in a head on with Grand Theft Auto?

This is a riot! This is a little bit Grand Theft Auto, a lot of stop motion video, and a little Lego town – with a little 5 o’clock scruff and bandito action thrown in a bowl and spun like a salad spinner. The quality on this video is awesome, the animation is great too … Read more

LHX – Blast from the past!

I was goofing around on the intarweb today – and I got to lookin’ for some old stuff I used play. I was talkin’ with Br4x today about old games, and LHX came up. So, being the nostalgic creature that I am, I found it and downloaded it. Then I had to laugh my arse … Read more

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