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Du du dude! Check it out!!! I have officially opened my tutorials and resources section! It’s kinda bare right now, as it has only 4 links right now, but I’m working on it. So I have a decent start on a gMail skinning tut, as well as a complete tutorial to get you started with … Read more

XBOX 360, eBay & idiots with too much money

I have never before been privy to witness such a widespread epidemic of complete and utter stupidity as I have borne witness to in the last week on eBay. People are actually stupid enough to pay close to double or higher than retail prices just to get an xbox 360 when they first come out. … Read more

Large Format photography to the Nth degree

Having recently read an article in Novembers Popular Science (I know I’m a bit behind in my magazines – so what) I was pretty much left in complete awe of Graham Flints 9 x 18 inch camera. So basically, he’s using a custom machined lens(dubbed the Asymmagon) built on a customized camera which utilizes parts … Read more

I thought it impossible to hate BB more…

They say they waited for hours outside a local best buy store to buy the new Xbox 360 then were told the price would be different from what was advertised. Employees say management took advantage of the situation to make more money. This hails from good ol’ PDX too. The land of yuppie coffee swilling … Read more

Where do you kids learn all this stuff?

I ran across this the other day whilst reading the latest Outdoor mag, and couldn’t help but notice – it’s name Long Duk Dong! Yup. You heard it right. Right out of Sixteen Candles, and I think even Ducky himself would be happy wearing this shell. Quicksilver makes some mighty nice clothing and gear – … Read more

Ever wonder why business fail? I don’t…

Although most employees do not come to work, under their union contract G.M. is still required to pay them. This is a quote from a NY Times article on the GM layoff announcement today. This is completely absurd. The fact that the Unions can be allowed to say that any company must continue to pay … Read more

Sony goes to hell…

I love it when a large company does something so inanely stupid – that it is forced to quickly and decisively eat the very crap it was trying to force down consumers throats. Sony falls into this category quite nicely. Way go, jackasses! So, in a world wind of complete and utter abandon, Sony began … Read more

Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight…

Perfect summers night Not a wind that breathes Just the bullets whispering gentle ‘mongst the new green leaves                                   David Gray It’s that time  of year again when men are men, and the animals run like hell. Yep you guessed it, it’s huntin’ season. I have to say I’m not really sure why there is … Read more

It’s almost time to buy me stuff again!

Christmas is coming! And I’m prepared. So check out the list – I’m sure it’s gonna get longer. But all I really want is the Mindstorm Robotics kit… But there is plenty of little stuff to go around – so knock yourself out – I won’t complain one bit… The mother of  all lists. Life … Read more

Douglas Adams vs. Deep Pockets Billy

I ran across this letter/editorial on Windows 95 from Douglas a couple of days ago, and man it’s just awesome! So rather than have my words pale in comparison, I’m just going to post it… Douglas Adams on Windows ’95 The author of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy takes on Bill Gates WHAT on … Read more

Country music is just dumb (I have the proof!)

You have to kidding right? NO. I’m not. I’m not going to pull out the vague generalized bias card today, but this crap has to be stopped before someone actually likes it. What am I talking about you ask? Read on, I’ll explain. I was sitting in my ever-comfortable hospital bed the other day – … Read more

All I want for Christmas is 1 extra second…

This is filed under science, but really it could be under "who gives a flying…". So according to the International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS), there is a new standard unto which time is measured, and right now, we have gained literally seconds of time. Leap Seconds, as they are coined, can be … Read more

Are we living in a 2-D world?

According to some researchers, it is theoretically possible that we are living in a 2D reality, having out interpretations made into 3 dimensions by our brains. This is some pretty heavy, and intense information to digest – so if you want to do some more reading on it – So I wouldn’t suggest it while … Read more

AJAX, AFLAX, and XAML: flingin’ acronyms like beers at a frat party.

There has been a ton of buzz lately about AJAX, you know.. the hot, the hip, Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Now, here comes Microsoft with XAML (pronounced ZAMMEL – now Microsoft even tells you how to say the stupid acronyms they come up with) and AFLAX. No, not AFLAC – it has nothing to do … Read more

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