2006 Tour de France route revealed

What is to happen to the American audience without Lance? So I guess this is the litmus test (again) for exactly how fickle (read ignorant) the American public is exactly about the Tour de France. Since this will be the first year where Lance is not going to compete – I would also hazard a … Read more

12,000 year old Bosnian Pyramid?

This is an interesting bit of archeology. There seems to be a discovery of a Step Pyramid in Bosnia – that Archaeologists claim to be in the neighborhood of 12,000 years old. There seems to be quite a bit of buzz about it on the news sites too – not a ton – which is … Read more

Best Buy – wouldn’t exactly call them the best…

Best Buy Sucks the shooter I really like it when a company’s customer service sucks so bad that they are willing to lose a customer over a matter of $10. That’s exactly what Best Buy did today, when they decided to tell me that they weren’t going to honor my purchase of preorder since I … Read more

Ice Giants, Water Giants & giant hoax’s

I ran across this Ice Giant video and it is really quite funny. The whole idea is interesting but, hey look for yourself, then come back…. There is a ton of stuff on the site of various Giant things supposedly found around the world, even something uncovered by the Tsunami recently. Interesting. The ice giant … Read more

Walken2008 – what are you nuts?

Walken2008 Christopher Walken for President of the United States? Gabriel? WTF? Okay so I know it’s a fake, but damn funny just the same. For a second there I thought this was a still grab from the Weapon of Choice video by Fatboy Slim, but the suit is too dark. Check it out anyway, maybe … Read more

Doom :: The Movie – BFD

Uhhhmmm, yeah. Right then. So let’s look at the premise of game comes to big screen… Shall we? How many times has this actually been successful? Once? Twice? Resident Evil was good, and I liked the second one too (but I have a thing for Milla Jovovich). Then there was the Digitally rendered Movie, back … Read more


hehehe. This is sort of cool. I just posted a blog entry straight from my browser. I am using the Flock, Developer Release, and I must say…. so far I like it. Interesting features and very easy to use. The blog post feature is cool, but the text formating is really slim, and unless there … Read more

Firefox, CSS and Goowy… oh my!

Or at least fun at other folks expense. So you’re in the mood to mess with your friends and co-workers? Good. I have just the thing. There’s a feature in Firefox that will allow you skin any website through the use of the ever-powerful CSS. In your Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles?*.default/chrome folder, you can add entries to … Read more

CSS & Daring Do…

I was just surfing the intarweb tonight and ran across the website for the home of MI6. It’s an extremely well put together site. I’m sure they had an external company develop it for them, I mean it’s not like they have any secret or critical data on the public facing side of the DMZ… … Read more

Dear Lord, I have found what I was searching for….

Be still my beating heart. This keyboard is a thing of sheer beauty. Utilizing OLED lights to create a customized display of what each key is currently programmed and/or mapped to – the Optimus Keyboard destroys the traditional keyboard and ushers in a new era of pure geek-dom! I’m still geeking out about it – … Read more

That’s Mr. Jarhead to you , pal!

So, I just got home from the movies – bug fat surprise – but anyway, I went and saw Serenity. I thought that was an excellent movie. Very interesting in fact, even though I only saw a few snippets of the series. it actually makes me want to go back and watch the episodes. So … Read more

Wallace & Gromit; ashes to ashes….

Over this weekend, Aardman Studios lost their main warehouse which stored the past 30 years of artifacts, sets, characters and other memorabilia to a fire. After Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit hit the charts at Number 1 in the US – they get slagged by this! What a crapper! I was going to … Read more

What the Flock!?

Okay. So maybe I’m a little behind the times with this one. But as the realizations of  Web 2.0 come to a fevered pitch, I hear more and more about the interesting features, theories, and yes; browsers, that will be built for and into this project to reinvent the wheel. Flock is the newest browser … Read more

I guess 70% isn’t good enough…

Back like a bad hangover after an all night binger at the Option House, comes the RIAA after more money for the Recording Industry pukes. This time they have their sites set on the remaining 20% they don’t get. Eh? I know, it all becomes clear. Read John Dvoraks PC Mag article. According to the … Read more

Little Rock City :: redux ::

So I decided today to revisit Little Rock City, and take some more film with me and go to town. Well, as you may (or may not) remember from the original post, I was pretty taken with the place. Well I still am. When Litsa and i first went there, we didn’t even scratch the … Read more

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