Walken2008 – what are you nuts?

Walken2008 Christopher Walken for President of the United States? Gabriel? WTF? Okay so I know it’s a fake, but damn funny just the same. For a second there I thought this was a still grab from the Weapon of Choice video by Fatboy Slim, but the suit is too dark. Check it out anyway, maybe … Read more


hehehe. This is sort of cool. I just posted a blog entry straight from my browser. I am using the Flock, Developer Release, and I must say…. so far I like it. Interesting features and very easy to use. The blog post feature is cool, but the text formating is really slim, and unless there … Read more

Firefox, CSS and Goowy… oh my!

Or at least fun at other folks expense. So you’re in the mood to mess with your friends and co-workers? Good. I have just the thing. There’s a feature in Firefox that will allow you skin any website through the use of the ever-powerful CSS. In your Application Data/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles?*.default/chrome folder, you can add entries to … Read more

CSS & Daring Do…

I was just surfing the intarweb tonight and ran across the website for the home of MI6. It’s an extremely well put together site. I’m sure they had an external company develop it for them, I mean it’s not like they have any secret or critical data on the public facing side of the DMZ… … Read more

What the Flock!?

Okay. So maybe I’m a little behind the times with this one. But as the realizations of  Web 2.0 come to a fevered pitch, I hear more and more about the interesting features, theories, and yes; browsers, that will be built for and into this project to reinvent the wheel. Flock is the newest browser … Read more