Who’s afraid of Macromedia Central?

I’ve been playing around quite a bit lately with Central. You know, that obscure Macromedia Widget app that it seems never really caught on? I’m not sure why people have been stand-offish about it, though. I mean, to create an uber-simple Central app and pod, I added a whole whopping 1 line of code to … Read more

A sudden and sharp turn to the left.

Toronto I found myself in Toronto this past weekend for a seminar put on by Shawn Pucknell and the FITC (Flash in the Can). The speaker was the somewhat infamous David Carson, so naturally I was intrigued and very much desired to go – hence I did. The start of the seminar was a rocky … Read more

So you want to be a Robotics Engineer?

Heck, I know I do! So I’ve been looking at ways I can take my love for Legos and turn it into something really geeky and I think I have found just the thing. First off, I found this guys site(Drat Robotics), where he gets into the details ( a bit) on how he has … Read more

Only when an update is warranted…

So I have added a new feature to the blog here, for all of you folks who wish to receive an update whenever I get off my arse to post something – SIGN UP! There is now an email notification service. Free of charge too. just plug in your email addy, and ::  poof :: … Read more

Little Rock City

Not a very original name, I know, but this place is pretty cool. It almost reminds me of home in lots of ways. Okay, I guess I should be careful how I use the word home now right? Errr…. I mean it reminds me of Or-Y-Gun.   Anyway, this place is very interesting. It’s basically … Read more

If you buy it, it will come….

Heheheheheeee… giddy. Giddy like a school girl actually. Studio 8 is now shipping, which also means later tater to the flash 8 beta player, and halloooo to the full-blown version! I’m really excited now, that means I should be getting my copy of Studio 8 any day now, and I will have a ton more … Read more

More Standards-Oriented design

I was perusing the wonderful world of the intarweb, and came across this article/interview of Eric Meyer on UIE’s website by David Poteet. It was a very interesting article, as I am right now endeavoring to do just that with my current big arse web project at work. I just love this kind of information … Read more

Ooops… Design feature or Actual error?

Since folks relish so much in pointing out when my stuff is broke – wassup guys?! Never heard of cross-browser development? This thingy no worky…. Anyway, it never ceases to crack my sarcastic behind up when developers up and decided all they have to support is IE. Microsoft may have the biggest boat, but they … Read more

Welcome to your Doom! (the movie)

Hot diggity dog! I was just yappin wit me bro, and he told there is a Doom movie coming out next month! No kidding, that’s what I said. But there it is, on Quicktime’s site for the trailer and teaser, as well as a completely unfinished movie site. The movie site has me a bit … Read more

Times, they are a changin’

So (as if you hadn’t noticed) my blog has undergone a change. Again. Well, rest assured I’m not done yet. I downloaded and installed WordPress today, and said see ya later to bBlog. I like WordPress quite a bit more than bBlog, and have already seen quite a few benefits from the change. I also … Read more

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